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Sep 26, 2010 08:10 PM

East Burke, VT

OK, so the foliage was fantastic but the dining was hit or you would expect so far off the beaten path!
Juniper's at the WIldflower Inn was just ok. Food was acceptable but I thought prices were a bit high for uninsipred cuisine (that everyone raved about).
River Garden Cafe...the curb appeal of this place is fact, we drove by the day we were supposed to dine there and thought "oh no"....but inside it is lovely and we had the most fantastic meal of the weekend. Delicious duck that was medium rare and flavorful pork chop that was enormous and juicy (not at all dried out)...we shared a pecan maple tart for dessert that had a delicious homemade crust. Great pastry chef.

River Garden Cafe
RR 114, East Burke, VT 05832

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  1. Did you get a chance to try the Tamarack Grill up at the mountain? I've enjoyed meals there and would recommend for your next trip up. Also Elements in nearby St. Johnsbury.
    Haven't been to River Garden in a while...may have to hit it up next time we are over there!

    River Garden Cafe
    RR 114, East Burke, VT 05832

    Tamarack Grill
    223 Sherburne Lodge Rd, West Burke, VT 05871