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Carvel Now Open in West L.A!

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For those of you who have fond memories of going to Carvel back when you were kids...you will be happy to know that the new West LA Carvel (on Santa Monica, just east of Sepulveda) is open as of 11:00 today!

A little dinner at Zankou, and then a trip to Carvel for dessert. Sounds good to me!

11037 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Link: http://www.carvel-la.com/

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! The ice cream biz is getting competitive in West LA!

    1. Cookie Puss, Here I come!

      1. There's a second Carvel's on Pico in the Ralph's complex almost directly south (maybe a little more east) of the one on Santa Monica. It's on the second floor.

        May I say that Carvel's vanilla soft serve ice cream is probably a purist's closest to heaven mouth experience.

        1. Wish them all the best the 2nd time around. They sure died a fast death here back in the 80s. Maybe all the easterners who have arrived since then will propel them over the top this time.

          1. It's a major pain to go to this Carvel - they have a valet that insists (at least when I've gone) parking your car, even if it's just to run in for a Brown Bonnet!

            1. I regret having never heard of nor experienced Carvel before, so what are the suggested flavors to try? I've heard of several on this board already, including Cookie Puss and Brown Bonnet, but those names don't really tell me what the flavors are! There are no flavor listings on the website.

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                they're not flavors...a 'brown bonnet' is an ice cream cone with a hard chocolate shell (think "magic shell" from back in the day)...and 'cookie puss' is the name of one of their specialty birthday cake characters.

                i grew up on that stuff back on the east coast. no birthday was complete without a personalized carvel ice cream cake. sadly, my most recent experiences with their cakes have been very disappointing. i think they've changed their ice cream and frosting recipes :(

                anyway, here's a little trivia for you: the carvel "flying saucer" was an early ancestor of the chipwich.

                bon appetit!

              2. it is actually called Cookie O'Puss for st pattys day :-)

                1. I dont think that location is too much of a pain, Ive never had a problem getting in and out of their quickly. Anywho, flavors arent that adventurous but so far the pistachio and chocolate fudge have been my favorites.

                  1. I have been to the santa monica blvd location on numerous occasions and the parking was very convenient.I drive at night from sherman oaks and it takes me ten minutes to get there its right off the 405 freeway. I ordered my boss a birthday cake from there which won me major brownie points. :)They delivered it for me. He is a New Yorker and loves carvel.Now When my boss is in a good mood he takes us there for some soft serve ice cream. The owner is very friendly and seems to want you to enjoy the ice cream experience. I love the crunchies. I also like the triple chocolate brownie and black rasberry flavors. There is a valet parker there but they are for the restaurants. A great sushi place is right there HAMASAKU.
                    I have also been to the location on pico but I had a bad experience there and will never go back.