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Sep 26, 2010 06:38 PM

Appliance garages

Starting to think about a new kitchen, Would like to hide my toaster oven and KA stand mixer and be able to slide them out to use.
Do you have appliance garages in your kitchen?
What do you put in them and do you find them useful or not?
Do you have room to slide out and use the appliance or do you have to carry and plug in elsewhere?
Did you widen your countertops so there is more room infront of it or come up with any unique solutions?
Any preference on door styles? I've heard the tamboor door style get's stuck easily.
Any thoughts? Thanks!!!

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  1. We had them in our last house. I had the coffee maker, toaster, mixers, blender, and other appilances. The counters were very deep and I just raised the roll up door and pulled them out. They were plugged in and didn't get moved elsewhere. I loved the garages. I didn't have carry heavy appliances, they were always ready to go.

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      Janet Deep counters everywhere? Do you have a rough idea how deep? And were the upper cabinets also deeper?

    2. For the stand mixer you might want to consider a swing-out shelf.

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        Thanks for the link. I've seen those, but I'm sure my floor would end up a mess like my counter does now and cleaning a powder sugar or flour bomb off the counter is easier than the floor!

      2. I have an appliance garage in my kitchen. In there I keep my coffee maker since I don't make coffee every day, blender, food processor and additional blades, mini food processor. I find it very useful. I use the food processor on a somewhat regular basis and I just slide it out and plug it in...I don't have to move it beyond that front countertop. There are outlets inside the garage area, but I don't like leaving anything plugged in so it's easier to just plug it in when I pull it out to use it.

        I have a tambour door (though I never knew that's what it was called until reading this thread!) and it's fine. It's a bit sensitive but it has never gotten stuck.

        I did not design the kitchen in my house -- the kitchen had been renovated 7 years before we bought the house. But the previous owners put some thought into this. The garage is in the corner and the counter top and corner cabinets are on the diagonal so that there is a fair amount of space in front of the appliance garage.