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Sep 26, 2010 05:35 PM

Super Affordable Engagement Party?

Hi fellow chowhounds, I could use your advice. I'm planning a family party to celebrate an engagement and am on a tight budget since there are more parties soon thereafter. I'm thinking very low prices -- $15-25 pp. Where should we go? We're looking at about 30-40 people max for lunch OR dinner and are looking for someplace with...

*Private dining, if possible
*Nice, classy ambiance (tough I know on our budget)
*Good food
*Could even be JUST desserts

So far, some of my favorite good value spots for other family gatherings have been Laurel, Gaslight, and China Pearl. Funky factor could be a plus to help make this distinctive from other gatherings. Thanks!!

China Pearl Restaurant
288 Mishawum Rd, Woburn, MA 01801

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  1. if you are flexible and do lunch, try Dok Bua. Excellent Thai food and sweet-tempered service and well within the budget. We did a family gathering of 30 there for a saturday lunch and they were great. no private room but they set up the whole back of the restaurant and my very eclectic family all enjoyed the food. Just go in and ask the owner if she can accommodate you. She wouldn't take any money in advance and I simply arranged a time, a number of people, and ordered appetizers so food would be ready when the group came in. Then everyone else ordered what they wanted from the menu. It worked well for us.

    1. I don't love Finale in general, but I once planned a very successful evening event at the one in Harvard Square on a tight budget for about 90 people. We did desserts only and beer and wine, but they also offer some savory items that you can add on and they have a full bar. The private room made it feel like a special occasion. That location also has an outdoor area where your party can spill out if the weather is nice.