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Sep 26, 2010 02:51 PM

Sugarcane Grill or Michael's Genuine for birthday lunch?

Ok my fellow chows I have done my homework and read all the posted messages on both Sugarcane Grill and Michael's Genuine. I have been to both. I like both. I cannot make up my mind. Help me decide where to eat for my birthday lunch with my best friends. If you were me and you love food where would you go?

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  1. I think it really depends on what you want to eat. Personally? I'd go to MGFD. You cant go wrong w/ food or ambiance there. There was a large bday party of women there last night taking up 2 large tables who seemed to have a great time.

    Got a quarter? Might be a useful tool for you... :)

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    1. re: Blind Mind

      Thanks BM! You made me laugh! Yes, I can flip the coin but are they really equal restaurants?

    2. Michael's Genuine has a terrible attitude towards groups and nearly ruined my birthday.

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      1. re: Mat Josher

        you had a bad experience in MGF&D. I do not think it is a particular prejudice towards groups though.

        My complaint towards Sugarcane would be proper cooling. I would not want to have a big group there on a warm day.

        1. re: Mat Josher

          MGF&D also hates puppies and rainbows.

          Seriously, though, the food is exellent at both. If I had a big group I might lean toward Sugarcane just because I think its physical layout may be more conducive. If you're going before end of month, it looks like Sugarcane has put together a nice Miami Spice menu too.

          But speaking for myself, we seem to end up, more often than not, celebrating such events (with smaller groups anyway) at MGF&D.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            We are 6 so not really a huge group. We went for Miami Spice menu to Sugarcane and were told the whole table had to order Miami Spice and I did not like that especially since they only had two selections per course. It would be way too hard to get our 6 to agree on just sticking to the Miami Spice menu. Anyway, does not matter going in October. Thanks for your input. I am leaning towards Michael's myself. Just wanted to make sure it was a better choice since some in the group have a hankering for Sugarcane.

            1. re: mom2mateo

              If you do chose Michael's Genuine, remember that some of the seating is outside and not well protected from poor weather. I recommend asking for indoor seating when you make reservations.

              1. re: Mat Josher

                I've eaten both inside and outside there. I greatly prefer the "great outdoors" bad weather notwithstanding. Inside tends to be cramped and noisy, in my experience. Can't wait to get back there on our trip to SoBe next week. Although I am intrigued by Sugarcane. What's the big attraction? Until I came across this thread I'd never heard of it.

                1. re: Rondo

                  Hmph - curious - doesn't seem there's really much of a Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill thread on Chowhound even though it's often recommended.

                  Short version: tapas / robata / sushi/raw bar, almost all small plates, with some of the most exciting stuff to be found in the tapas section of the menu, though I've recently had excellent crudos from the sushi/raw bar section. Some of my favorite things: tripe with kimchi; bacon-wrapped, linguica-stuffed dates; roasted marrow bones with oxtail marmalade; burrata, tomato & strawberry salad; confit duck & waffles; chicken yakitori; hamachi hako "roll"; scallop crudo ...

                  Longer version (mine, anyway) ->

                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    Thanks, Frod. Knew I could count on you. Ashamed I didn't check your blog first before posting.

        2. I enjoy both spots but think MGFD is the call for lunch especially if it's during the week. Better vibe since Sugarcane is much bigger space and harder to fill.

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          1. re: The Chowfather

            We took a co-worker to Michael's for lunch and were treated very nicely, loved the food and had a great time. Also, knowing the pastry chef was a huge bonus. The dessert platter she sent out was amazing!

          2. Had a great lunch with my good friends at Michael's. Food was very good as was the service. Pastrami sandwich on brioche was brilliant. Thanks for helping me pick.

            1. Went to Michael's Genuine twice during our trip (October 6 thru 10). Stopped there for lunch on our way in from the Lauderdale airport on Wednesday. Food was great and service was good. It wasn' t real crowded. Had the grilled steak salad w/kimchi and peanuts. Very tasty. My wife had a caesar salad with steak and she said all the ingredients were very good. Went back for brunch on Sunday. Crowded. Lousy service (hell, even Norman Braman, who was sitting at a table diagonal to ours, was having a hard time getting the waiter's attention). Food was good even though it was busy. I had the brisket hash (it was a virtual coin toss between the brisket hash and the duck confit hash, but I went w/brisket for the sauce, an olive tapenade aioli and the fact I had a duck leg for lunch the day before). My wife had the steak and eggs. I had a bite of the steak and it was really yummy. We were still hungry as the brunch portions are quite small so we got the pizza which was excellent. Aside for the service the only other downer was my bloody mary. Too much ice so the drink got watered down. But overall two good experiences food wise.

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              1. re: Rondo

                The brunch menu is intended to be small plates style and so typically you should order 2-3 items for a full meal.

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  Thanks, yes, we overheard our waiter tell that to another table but we decided to play it by ear. The three dishes between the two of us was just enough. If we go back there for brunch on our next trip I'll likely order a couple different things right off the bat, as it usually would take two of those sized portions to fill me up.