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Sep 26, 2010 02:39 PM

December in Sevilla

Guess it is a bit early but we are looking for restaurant recommendations in Sevilla the week before Christmas. We would like one splurge meal but for most we will be looking for good quality reasonabily priced food. We will not have a car so for the most part would like walking distance (and we like to walk) of the Barrio Santa Cruz.

I am also looking for the name of a fish restaurant that cooks the fish in blocks of salt.

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  1. Two restaurants we've dined in that cook their fish encased in salt is El Esturario in Av. de la Buhauira 17 and El Espigon, <we ate at the one in Calle Bogota>:

    El Estuario is a reasonable walking distance of el Barrio Santa Cruz. Open Sundays a plus in Seville.

    El Espigon is near the Nervion area, a short taxi ride from el BSC.

    Both a worthy visit for real fresh fish. Highly recommended.

    For a splurge try restaurant Egaña Oriza which has very good food <and they set up a nice Belenes which is the elaborate Nativity Scenes beloved by Spaniards>

    And Taverna del Alabardero which is situated in an old mansion once belonging to a poet Sevillano. Pretty good as well.

    Have fun in Seville.

    Here's a site that might help and mentions some of the same restaurants.:

    1. Bar Estrella in Seville, good tapas, in the Barrio Santa Cruz but off the beaten track.