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Sep 26, 2010 01:59 PM

JoBoys in Manheim

All lovers of BBQ need to go here. By far the best Q I have had in this area. Real wood smoked meats, they use pecan wood, sauces are a NC vinegar sauce and a Memphis style red, neither of them cloyingly sweet. Sides are southern style as well. Cornbread without sugar and cole slaw made with vinegar.

They also are brewing there own beer. The beer is good the Q is better. The owners are former competition BBQ participants. This right in the center of Manheim in the old Summy House hotel.

Not shilling, I have nothing to do with the place other than to say it is great. I recommend the sampler plate, half rack of ribs, some pork, brisket and chicken.

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  1. Thanks! I've been waiting to hear some feedback on this place. Will have to give it a try. On a somewhat related note, I hear that Harvey's BBQ is opening up a restaurant on main street Mount Joy in the Spring. I've had them cater before, and they make some great Q as well.

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      Indeed, Harvey's had a sign up at the E-town fair indicating a restaurant would be opening in 2011. Can't wait for that, but it looks like I have an alternative in Manheim while I wait!