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Sep 26, 2010 01:46 PM

Safeco Field - What's There To Eat? More Importantly, What Should I Eat?

I've done a search through the boards here but I don't think I've seen any posts specifically about Safeco Field. During my weekend trip there next weekend, I'm going to the game Friday and was hoping there might be some folks on this board that might have some food suggestions. I'd also be curious to hear if there are some street vendors who set up shop outside of Safeco and are independent of the team's concessions like those I used to see outside Camden Yards in Baltimore.

Safeco Field
1250 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

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  1. There are lots of vendors outside the stadium in front of (adjacent) Qwest Field. To me they seem to all be variations on a theme (sausages, pizza and kettle corn). I never look that closely so I could be more that I'm not seeing.

    I generally eat dinner before going to a game, but since no one has replied yet, I thought I'd pass on some secondhand info. My husband really likes the pasta from the BIstro Stand in the Terrace Club (you might have to sit in that section to access it, though). My friends with season tickets tell me the best thing in the park is the grilled salmon sandwich at Sound Seafood in section 248. It's a little confusing to find it, since a lot of level 2 is terrace club seat holders only, but it IS open to everyone. I know there's a way to get there from the left field bleachers. You might ask an usher for directions.

    I also like the Ivar Dog, but I wouldn't say it's a must get. It's just fried fish and coleslaw in a bun. It hits the spot at a game, though.

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      We go to Mariner games often, and make a point of trying all the new vendors each year. I agree with Christy319. The grilled salmon sandwich at Sound Seafood is not only absolutely delicious, but a reasonable price/value for the sandwich and the fries that come with, compared to some of the other booths.

    2. As a whole, the food in the stadium is not good. If you're interested in hot dogs, try the vendors outside the ballpark. The Safeco dog in the park is more or less like hot dogs you might have had in grade school--full of air and water and not very good. I'm afraid I can't recommend a specific street vendor because my guy got very sick last year and didn't come back this year and I just didn't eat hot dogs this season. There used to be more vendors outside the ballpark including food trucks, but crowds at Safeco this year have been bad because the team has been bad, so not as much to choose from any more. I'm sure they'll be back when the crowds come back.

      The bagels at Blazing Bagels (they have a street entrance and then a window in the ballpark just inside the main NW entrance (where the Tsutakawa mitt is), are very good. I especially like their lox bagel sandwich. They will make up a bag lunch for you if you like (chips, etc.) The sushi at the Japanese sushi place on the 100 level is OK but only OK. Ivars has OK clam chowder and fish & chips. The garlic fries at Safeco are legendary, but I've never had them because the thought of raw garlic does nothing for me. Where we usually eat before a game is Asian food in the nearby International District.

      1. Yeah, best dogs are outside the stadium. Go to the one that names it dogs after players, get the spicy one, and ask for grilled onions and cream cheese. Elysian Fields next door to Qwest has some pretty nice microbrews. Other than that, you are right next to the International District if you like Chinese/Japanese/SE Asian food and want to eat before the game. Search this board for ID recs. Have fun (though at this point both Seahawks and Sounders games are more exciting than Mariners games)!

        Elysian Fields
        542 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

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          2nd the ID -- there are tons of good places there and not very far from the stadium.

          If you like garlic at all get the garlic fries at the stadium, you'll smell them for sure, they are VERY generous with the garlic.

          Not much of note in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, but there are two trucks to look for -- the highly rated Marination Mobile truck parks on the south side of the stadium Fridays during the day and might be around at game time; and there is a great torta truck that is operated by Barriga Llena that comes to football and soccer games -- might also hang around for baseball; both have web sites that will point to their locations on game day.

          One other (non-food) rec -- my personal favorite bar in the vicinity is Hooverville, a couple of blocks S on 1st Ave.

          Have fun!

          Barriga Llena
          , Seattle, WA 98101

        2. Thanks to you all for your suggestions. I ended up not eating at the stadium since I had a mid-afternoon meal an hour before I got to Safeco.