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Sep 26, 2010 12:30 PM

Is there a new China town?

We recently had a great meal at Maison du Nord. Our friend who recommended it, said it was in the "new china town". Is there such a thing?

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  1. yep, search Chinatown 2.

    1. Downtown around St-Laurent / De La Gauchetière = Chinatown Original Flavour

      Downtown near Concordia = Chinatown2

      And, at least AFAIC, Verdun between De L'Église and Verdun metro stations = Chinatown3

      1. Yup, as C70 says the area around Concordia University's downtown campus has become known as Chinatown 2 (at least to us hounds!) Here are some threads to get you started:

        Chinatown 2

        The New Montreal Chinatown

        You'll find a wider variety of types of Chinese food in Chinatown 2 than found in the Cantonese-heavy original Chinatown, including ultra-spicy Szechuan.

        Have fun exploring!