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Sep 26, 2010 12:18 PM

FEAST opens in New Orleans

[ Feast ] has "no real peer in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major cities that pride themselves on their epicurean adventurousness". Frank Bruni, The New York Times

There's a new bull in the pen.

Houston's Feast has landed in New Orleans.

They've taken over the old Creole Skillet over on Julia Street.

Who's been?

All the current criteria ju jour are being met: Local, sustainable, fill in the blank.

Can't wait to get over there tomorrow afternoon and tear into a big plate of pork belly.

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  1. Houston's Feast was picked in the top 10 best new restaurants in US.

    1. S.O. and I went last Thursday. It was amazing.
      We started with roast fat ($1). These were three cubes of cured fat that had been rendered. Very tasty with the bread they bring out.

      Then we ordered marrow bones ($9.75). My S.O. loves marrow bones, and these were no exception. So glad that there is finally a place to get these in the city.

      For apps we had Pork Rashers and Creamy Brussels sprouts ($8.95), Scallops St. Jacques ($9.75), and Snails and Gruel ($8.75).

      The Rashers was a revelation. They are braised sliced thin with the skin still on, slightly sweet, flavored with fall spices and maybe a tad of malt vinegar. The brussels sprouts were in a slightly sweet cream sauce. Excellent dish. We took some with us and all our friends who tried it were starry-eyed. One has become addicted.

      The snails were stewed with tomatoes and spooned over the top of the gruel. We think the gruel was made of barley. It was sweet and very creamy.

      Who wouda thunk cheese on scallops was a good idea? Well, it is. The St. Jacques scallops were served on the half shell with a creamy sauce. there were big chunks of mushrooms and just a tad of cheese on top. I really liked this dish.

      For the main course we ordered the Bacon Wrapped Rabbit Leg ($28.95), with garlic rutabaga and mustard greens. This was a HUGE portion, so we were glad to split it. The rabbit was amazing. It had been brined wrapped in bacon, then wrapped in caul fat to hold it together while being braised. It was a unique texture because the meat had only been cooked to medium well. It was insanely juicy and the texture was not the normal stringy falling apart, but more like chicken oysters.

      We ordered a side of bubble and squeak ($3.45), which is cabbage leaves, brussels sprout leaves and mashed potatoes, all browned in a skillet. It has a crispy toasted outer layer. This was also a huge portion.

      For dessert, we had toffee pudding with clotted cream. Also, we ordered honey rosemary ice cream. The toffee pudding was stunningly good. Despite the fact we were stuffed, we kept eating it. The ice cream, which was recommended to us, was the only un-inspiring part of the night. It wasn't bad, it just left something to be desired.

      Overall our dinner was spectacular. The food was amazing. We left regretting we could not eat 4 times as much as there were so many things we wanted to try. The two things we really wanted to try were the whole cow and pig heads.

      We are planning a return with several of our foodie friends so we can try everything.

      In short, you must try FEAST!

      1. See photo for Menu from September 23rd.

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        1. re: ggordi1

          Went on Friday. Loved it! Had the massive pork chop with bubble and squeak, pork chop had an amazing depth of flavor, much different to my palate than the pork at Cochon, Emeril's, etc. Welsh rarebit as a munchie, pig ear "cake", the rabbit and chicken liver terrine...we gorged ourselves. And while the BYOB policy lasts, a real deal to boot! Can't wait to graze through the rest of the menu!

          930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

          Emeril's Restaurant
          800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

          1. re: sanglier

            Menu for tonights service:

            Monday September 27th

            Roast Tomato and Fennel Soup $6.95

            Pork Rasher and Creamy Brussel Sprouts $8.95

            Snails and Gruel $8.75

            Terrine of Rabbit Belly, Pork and Chicken Livers $8.95

            Roasted Bone Marrow and a Parsley Salad $9.75

            Pig’s Ear Cake $9.45

            Scottish Smoked Salmon $9.75


            Bacon Wrapped Rabbit Leg, Garlic Rutabaga

            and Mustard Greens $28.95

            Butcher’s Wife Double Rib Pork Chop with Bubble and Squeak $23.95

            Pan Roasted Grouper with Peas, Bacon and Tomato $24.95

            Braised Pork Tongue with Root Vegetables $23.95

            Half a Roasted Pig’s Head

            with Roasted Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Parsnips and Carrots

            For 2 $47.95

            For 3 $69.95

            Vegetable Pot Pie with Green Beans $18.95


            Exmoor Toasts $3.45

            Welsh Rarebit $3.45

            Bubble and Squeak $3.45

            Whiskey Prunes $3.95

            Roast Fat $1.00

            1. re: scrumptiouschef

              Hard to believe, but these guys have already hit their stride less than a week into service.

              Portions are enormous and profoundly delicious.

              Had the Bubble and Squeak as an app and it could've fed two hungry eaters. I'm not into food as architecture so I really appreciated the fact it was dolloped onto a plate.

              "Here's your food now eat it".

              Roasted pork fat reminded me of the Mangalitsa I was cooking in Budapest over the summer. Tiny cubes of crispy pork tossed into a bowl.

              Once again: "Here's your food now eat it"

              My main of crispy pork belly took me back to a meal I had at Slims in Cincinnati a couple years ago. Simple, delicious and perfectly executed with a tawny crunchy hide giving way to a margin of melting lean, top notch pork.

              I suspect the hog was a Duroc but could not get confirmation.

              I paired with Abita Restoration purchased for a king's ransom at a nearby convenience store.

              Quiet room with lots of pictures and paintings. Could seat a hundred or so diners. Expect for it to fill up soon and often.

              Service was professional. They've brought one of their aces in the hole over from Houston and he was on it. Didn't ask me if I needed any change when he took the check!

              Chatted with both chefs, each seemed really excited to be in New Orleans and bringing plain home cooking, done right to the people.

              Ran into one of them a few hours later at Mimis over in the Marigny. He knows that with all the press they have a lot of expectations but is confident they can meet and/or exceed them.

              With home cooking this calibre these fellows are going to do just fine.

              If pure flavor is what you're looking for, zero frippery, no prissy towers of food reaching towards the ceiling then Feast is the real deal.

        2. Went yesterday for lunch. Tried the parsnip soup, pork terrine, grouper, cock a leekie, braised pork cheeks, yoghurt cake, and honey-lemon ice cream. All were fantastic, especially the pork cheeks, but I'd say the grouper was my least favorite if I had to pick one. Oh and both pre-meal breads were delicious. I wanted to take a loaf of the sourdough home with me. Can't wait to go back.

          1. I hope they will do Sunday roast beef dinners like they do in Houston. Yorkshire pudding and roast beef with UK style gravy. Yum.

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            1. re: serich

              According to their website they are closed on Sunday.
              Too bad, I was hoping it would be an option for us next month.


              1. re: FoodChic

                Hopefully, that'll change after they've been open for a bit