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Kensington Market, STL market or Brickworks or none

Going to TO in October (week after Thanksgiving) and want grass fed beef, higher quality pork, great quality eggs, unique European locally grown organic and reg vaggies.

I could do all three.

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  1. Check out Fresh From the Farm on Donlands Avenue. I believe you'll find everything you need there. Hours are sketchy so best to check their website first.

    1. For veggies - tons of options, try wychwood barns - near st clair and ossington - weekly farmers market or dufferin grove farmers market. For Meats best bet is St Lawrence south hall - ditto for cheeses Alex Farms rear of south market is excellent. Of the three - St Lawrence is your place for meats, cheeses etc.

      Alex Farm
      1965 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

      1. For meats Cumbrae Farms on Church or European Quality meats on Baldwin (Kensington Mkt)
        Not sure about "European veggies" but Harvest Wagon at Summerhill and Yonge has every veggie imaginable..all are pricey but worth the trip..While in that hood, (Yonge and Summerhill)
        Oliffe butchers has great beef/pork too. Google all of the above for more info.

        481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

        Harvest Wagon
        1103 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

        1. Thanks for the recommendations. Now, European meats rings a bell. I think I had read it on here many months (years) ago.

          1. If you are looking for a retail store for high quality organic meat, you must try The Healthy Butcher (on Queen or Eglinton. Eglinton is the larger store). Absolutely superb meat.

            1. For meat check out the Brickworks and go to Scotch Mountain Meats. Excellent quality of both pork and beef. They also do excellent bacon and breakfast sausage, try their apple sausage. (www.scotchmountainmeats.com


              The veggies are also good from a few of the vendors at Brickworks (Cookstown Greens sells their stuff there)

              Eggs are harder to find I think there are a couple of vendors that sell them but they are few and far between.

              Good luck!

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                It's very difficult to find grass fed eggs. The egg marketing board requires all participating farmers to raise large flocks indoors, all year round.
                If a farmer wants to opt out, they are restricted to 100 hens, and have to sell eggs at farm gate.
                Not possible to bring these eggs to Toronto, or any other market.

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                  I've always been wary of buying meat at farmer's markets because they're always frozen. I'm not willing to pay what they're charging when I can get unfrozen good quality meat at places like Sannigan's and Gasparro's.

                  I've seen Scotch Mountain stuff at SLM also.

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                    Scotch Mountain do a number of the other markets as well. They are also one of the vendors that Olliffe procures from. Olliffe ages their beef significantly longer, though, at multiples of the SM prices.

                  2. i'm a big fan of sanagan's in kensington market. they offer naturally raised meats, not organic, which i'm happy with as well as several breed (and mixed breeds) of pigs. i'm pretty sure their beef is grass fed but you should ask to be sure. everything i've gotten from them has been flavourful. i'd suggest calling them monday or latest tuesday to discuss what you're looking for and what they offer. peter is best to speak to. they will put together special orders and are very friendly.

                    otherwise for pig, i'd be on the lookout for perth pork products (healthy butcher definitely carries it) as their meat has been consistently great for me but pricier and slightly different breeds than what sanagan's has. get your hands on some of their boar... spectacular.

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                      I have never heard of Sanagan's. Will have to see if they have a website.

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                        new butcher in the past year. full of hipster butchers but they know their stuff and are very flexible to get you what you want. sanagansmeatlocker.com is the website but there isn't any information besides contact.

                    2. For pork i suggest you look into iron age, which is a cross between wild boar and tamworth. Doesn't show up too ofter at shops but you can request it in advance from places like Sannigans (more affordable) and Healthy Butcher (very very expensive) or Gasparro's (started carrying tamworth recently). Do ask questions because even though they sell good quality meat, some of it is "commodity" pork vs specialized breeds.

                      If you're willing to purchase bigger quantity then you have to hit the wholesalers such as 100 Mile, La Ferme Black river. You'll have to trim but the savings are significant. Perth pork does do iron age.

                      For beef, Cumbraes is the best.

                      For eggs....well you can forget about it. Nothing retail or at farmer's markets are worthy of mention. You need to get stuff straight from the farm, ones that aren't legally allowed to sell.




                      The Healthy Butcher
                      565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

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                        The eggs at Fresh from the Farm, are exactly that.

                          1. re: millygirl

                            There is not much information about the eggs on the website: http://freshfromthefarm.ca/products/
                            However we know they are from a Mennonite source, brown, and from a flock of more than 100. Seems like a totally indoor chicken barn. The price is fair at $3.20 /dozen.
                            The Omega eggs at $3.80 indicate free run, or limited scratch space within the barn.

                            I went on my own search for eggs from outdoor hens this morning, and came up blank (again, 4th try, at www.svetecfarms.com ) but went back to the only source I know of east of Port Union, a retired Italian lady selling out of her yard on Taunton Rd. east of the townline, Oshawa. They are $3.50/doz, and always fresh and good quality.

                          2. re: aser

                            Aser...Gasparro's is a great suggestion. Love that place - old school butchers shop, good product - much local produce without the 75% chi-chi hipster/locavore/trendy levy applied in many other places for...err local meat. All the benefits with less of the spin and fetishism.