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Baba's Shrimp Shack

Opening next weekend! Andrew Bennardo, owner of the famed "old school" Italian deli and restaurant "Talias Tuscan Table" has built "Baba's Shrimp Shack".

If you know Andrew, you know he is a no nonsense "food first" kind of guy. Talia's is known for unbelievable sandwiches and prepared food with "regular guy" prices complimented by his "boy from the Bronx" attitude.

I had a chance to look at the menu and check the place out. It should fill a void that South Palm Beach County is missing. Baba's looks to be a casual "joint" to get some fresh fish, fish sandwiches, pasta, and a cold beer similar to the Whale's Rib in Deerfield. There are even rumors of Ipswich steamers.

I have no affiliation with either place but when I see a guy like Andrew swim upstream against the chain restaurant mentality plaguing South Florida, I cross my fingers.

The restaurant is located in Boca Raton on the corner of Dixie Highway and Spanish River Blvd, right next to Talia's. Skip the flippin Cheesecake Factory and give it a try.

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  1. I second everything said above - I'll be going this week to check it out. Andy creates some fabulous dishes at Talia's and I'm looking fwd to see what new culinary tricks he has up his sleeve.

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      When I was at Talia's, he was showing the space next door to some customers and I assumed he was expanding. Little did I know it would be a seafood place. I will definitely give this place a try and will let my co-workers know as well.

      Website still under construction:


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        It looks awesome, I am SO going there for lunch today!

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          Chef Andy, for what it's worth, it a CIA chef. So he knows not only "comfort" food but is also classically trained and most definitely knows what he is doing.

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            Had the Crawfish Sandwich wrap yesterday, was absolutely delicious, I was expecting fried crawfish in the wrap, but they were sauted in a spicy, slight sweet sauce that was delicious.

            Now my problem iswhen Im there is the temptation to get a Talia's Sandwich or Shrimp Shack sandwich...

    2. Went last night for dinner with my family. As expected, Andy did not dissapoint. DELICIOUS rock shrimp and calamari in a kind of sweet/spicy chili Thai broth. The snapper and mahi wraps were delicious and huge! Delicious clam chowder and steamers in a garlic broth over linguine.
      VERY reasonably priced, especially when quality is considered.

      1. We checked it out today. It is the same atmosphere as Talia's and your order and pickup at the counter.

        Rock shrimp in sweet/spicy thai sauce were good and served with sweet potato waffle chips. I wished they could also serve them like I saw on D,D,&D at the Whale's Rib. Lobster bisque was good but definitely a thinner version of what I am used to. All prices are very reasonable. Shrimp linguine looked good as well. I'll be back to try some other seafood options he has to offer.

        Chef Andrew is a no nonsense kind of guy and asked us how it was. My co-worker asked if he used to own a resto off of Atlantic and Lyons. He said he was the owner there until the city bought out his land for a road expansion. He then opened up Talia's after that.

        1. I have been to Baba's twice now...Both times on Friday night. The food is excellent..Tried the Dolphin wrap and the rock shrimp dip......They seem to be kind of unorganized right now, but they haven't been open too long...The help is super friendly.

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            We had the same unorganized situation as well. We were told to order our food over at Talia's, as nobody was at the counter for Baba's. People also came in and sat down expecting table service until I let them know.

          2. freaker, Were you there on Friday night? Very confusing... Both times I was there I could have walked out with a much, much, lower bill. They left items off. I point it out because they needed a little help.The little dark haired foreign girl was very friendly , but so confused.

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              I was there on a Friday for lunch. Sounds like they need to get the help sorted out. Our lobster bisque came out after our plates.

            2. Went to babas sat. nite--very fresh seafood well prepared and wonderful value--not fancy but good and the price was right.There is a problem the service probasbly the worst i have ever had in fl. the waiter was too bz with his pals at the bar to pay any attention to customers. I had to get out of my chair 3 times to get what we had reequested 2 or 3 times. the place is a real find and if they ever get some servers with a triple didgit iq BABAs will rock---go there just be patient

              1. I went to Baba's last night, and probably for the last time.The great food just does not over-ride the terrible service. I had to order the food at Talia's and take it to the table in Baba's. The cook rang a bell to let me know food was ready. How was I supposed to know it was my food.
                There was only one other couple in the Baba's part, and this was 6:30 pm on a Friday. I think I am not the only one getting fed up.
                It is a shame because the food is so good.

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                  same experience---they need a MANAGER-----someone to watch the asylum--i loved the food my wife will not come back as it is run like ametuer nite---its a shame

                2. Has anyone been to Baba's lately? Have they got their act together yet? I sure hope so because the food is so good.

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                    i want to go back my wife refuses to go because of the terrible service---may sneak back on my own as the food rocks

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                      Yeah, there really is no service there at all. And this will probably be the death of Baba's.

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                        Maybe......They cater to the college crowd from FAU which keeps him busy, I just hope it doesnt take Talia's down with it....

                  2. Anyone been back to Baba's lately? I would love to give it another go because the food is so good, but I'm afraid the service will be unbearable(again)..ANYONE?

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                      Just think of it like the Soup Nazi, Its just really damn good food...with a little bit of an attitude..

                    2. SaminSFL....I will probably give it another shot in a few months..I sure loved that rock shrimp dip. I wonder if Elaine found that recipe in the dresser drawer.

                      1. Anybody know if this place is open for lunch?



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                          Yes they are, but it can get crowded! Take a friend and try the cioppino.

                        2. I loved Baba;s , but I did not get the answer that I was hoping for....Great food, but did Baba's get better service,? In my opinion I should not have to "search" for my food when the bell rings..I hate to be mean and nasty, but it was such a chore to get my food...

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                            It's all 'order at the counter and pick up at the counter' now. I don't see any problem with that as long as you know in advance.

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                              Exactly, it's fine if you know that's how it's going to be.

                              I went there finally today for lunch. I got the ceviche. It was delicious!! I wouldn't call it traditional Peruvian, I think It had a bit more of an Italian leaning (AND I COULD BE TOTALLY WRONG ABOUT THAT), but it was fantastic and quite large. $10 for a huge seafood salad - mostly seafood - not salad!

                              Also served with 2 large pieces of crusty rustic garlic bread. Wonderful bread. I'd go back just for that! In the salad were mussels, calamari, clams, shrimps, some kind of breaded fish, peppers, olives, lemon vinaigrette, baby lettuce leaves, apples, and onions.

                              At first I thought breaded fish? That was different but really good. It was a light breading, like chicken francaise would be. Apples? It WORKS!!

                              Anyway, looking forward to my next visit. Still on the search for the perfect chicken parm for my boyfriend so I think it's only right to try Talia's.

                              A picture :)

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                                New review. We went back there for lunch. I ordered the ceviche again and it wasn't nearly as good. Hardly any calamari (2 tiny rings and 1 small tentacle piece), several medium shrimp and several very small shrimp (from a can, not sure), 2 mussels, 1 open clam, 1 closed clam, and some canned clams. No fish that I could see.

                                The garlic bread was probably good according to my boyfriend, but it was two little squares. The portion sizes were significantly smaller and since I'm on a low carb diet I had expected a lot of seafood and didn't get it. I was still hungry after lunch and very disappointed. Also, there was a metal shaving (from a can??) in there. Not. Good.

                                However, my boyfriend's dolphin taco wrap sandwich was really good.

                                I'm kind of sad about this because I really loved my ceviche the first time around. The owner was there this last time, taking orders and looking at the food as it came out so... why was it so much better the first time? I'm not sure if he was there the first time unless he was in the back.

                                I'm not sure I want to go back now, so I'm kind of bummed. I might not order ceviche again, but perhaps a regular fish dish or chicken parmigiana. Or best to just stay away from there while I'm dieting.

                                1. re: OysterHo

                                  But did you try Talias....never had a bad sandwich there...the sausage is really good, and the homemade moz. is unreal

                                  1. re: SaminSFL

                                    I had tried Talia's several years ago. I got their caprese salad and loved it. I guess my fear of inconsistency and can shavings makes me a little squeamish about going back there whether to eat Talia's OR Baba's. I may drag some work friends with me one of these days since we are just a few blocks away. We'll see. :)

                          2. Haven't been to Baba'a in quite a while. Will I be pleasantly surpised or dissappointed?