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Sep 26, 2010 10:17 AM

Need stiff frosting to withstand 90' heat outside...

Made a carrot cake for a local harvest festival cakewalk and now see it's going to be 90' outside today. Yikes! The cream cheese frosting I made -- already sloppy -- won't stand a chance.

Would love a good recipe for a stiff frosting that will work on a carrot cake (no raisins or nuts, includes walnut oil, otherwise fairly basic).

I read through this thread on what makes cream cheese frosting runny, and can try and figure out a very low sugar version. But I'm down to one packet of cream cheese left so would rather not waste it on an experiment...


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  1. I can't think of any frosting that will withstand the heat. I think most pastry chefs would recommend a fondant. Not the greatest with carrot cake, but for hot days, I think this will be the only thing to withstand the temperature and hold shape.

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      I'm not sure about the cream cheese- it might melt no matter what you do. But I've had great success with a basic buttercream made using crisco solid shortening. It's not as good tasting but it takes more than a little heat to melt that stuff!

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        Thanks guys. I decided to panic after all :) and followed the idea of beating the butter and powdered sugar together first, then adding cold cream cheese. Threw in some Laura Chenel goat cheese for tanginess. We will see... It definitely is stiffer with less sugar but I started with butter that had been in the freezer and so wasn't that great tasting on its own (mistake!) and so had to increase the sugar.

        Will post the recipe if it withstands the heat!

    2. The best frostings I know of for hot days are cooked buttercreams that depend more on meringue than butter for substance. Also, using shortening instead of butter will make frosting more stable.