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Sep 26, 2010 09:14 AM

Food/beer in Guadalajara

Hi all, we are heading to GDL for a week in November and I’m already starting to salivate. We are looking forward to tortas ahogadas and churros and of course all the lovely Mexican beers not imported to Canada.
I’ve read that many craft beers are brewed in Jalisco, does anyone know of a beer store or restaurant where we can sample some of them? Keep in mind we’ll be traveling with a 5 year old – so a raucous bar won’t do.

Part two of my post is around street stalls in GDL. I found it quite easy to research and find recommended street stalls in DF, but I can’t seem to find anything in GDL. Street stalls aren’t likely to have much of a web presence! Does anyone have any recommendations for street food in GDL? A good place to grab some tortas ahogadas? Or another food items that might be unique to the region?


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  1. I lived in Guadalajara (currently in Morelia, Michoacán) and have some ideas for you.

    You can read here: and the two articles that follow it (June 28 and July 5, 2008) for great places to eat in Guadalajara. I know the articles are more than two years old, but time does not change the quality of offerings in these three places.

    You might also enjoy the *Torta Loca* stand at Mercado Libertad, in downtown Guadalajara. It's absolutely fabulous.

    I'm not a beer-drinker and don't know where you'll find a beer store or restaurant/microbrewery, but you will enjoy the street food scene (and other off-the-beaten-path choices) in the city. If you want further information about places to eat and things you might do with a 5-year-old, feel free to email me:


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      cristina, I've actually subscribed to the rss feed of your blog since I planned my trip the DF in January of this year. Very informative and mouth watering!

    2. Tortas Toño is somewhat of a legend for tortas ahogadas - they have locations all over town. Be careful with the thin hot sauce. It does not look substantial, but it's HOT. My relatives also love Mariscos El Negro, close to the centro. Try the plato chingadera and a new one they have with all shrimp.

      i Latina and Anita Li are fun restaurants that have a bit of hipster atmosphere and fun food. They are probably more likely than others to have a microbrew if it exists and I think you'd be fine with your child at lunch time.

      As far as the beers, I think you will love most of the Mexican beers and many will seem new to you - they don't even get imported as far as Arizona or Texas. As far as ones specific to Jalisco, the big companies make a few - Minerva and Estrella come to mind - but they are not microbrews in the strict sense of the word. If there is a local brewpub or what we'd think of as a microbrewery i don't know of it. Here in Mexico City there aren't, for sure. The closest thing I've found is Tempus, a delicious line of beers from Baja. They have types that are very untraditional for Mexican beers - bocks, stouts and wheat beers. Mexican beers are mostly variations on Czech-style pilsners.

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        ¡Gracias! I'll definitely check out some of your recommendations. I've only ever had Mexican big brewery beers, so I'm quite excited at the possibility of trying something new and unfamiliar.

      2. If you are looking for tortas ahogadas and street stalls - I would recommend the ahogadas behind Sears in the Centro. I think the puesto has a name, something about a principe, but if you ask people about the ahogadas atras de Sears, someone should be able to point you in the right direction. They are my favorite (also serving my favorite tacos dorados).

        As far as beer, I don't think "many craft beers" are brewed around here, but you can occasionally find Minerva - which is pretty good. I've heard rumors about a woman brewer in Tlaquepaque, but don't have any first hand info.

        If you want to try the Minerva with the 5 yo in tow, I would go to the Rincon del Alfil - the best soup in town (IMHO). They have two kinds of Minerva. Lunch Only.

        Good luck with the search!

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          Gosh, I looked at the Rincón del Alfil website--I wish this restaurant had been there when I lived just a block away on Prisciliano Sánchez! I would have gone for sure.

          The menu does say 'microbrewery', so maybe there is some hope for the OP.

          And by all means 'las tortas atrás de Sears'. Everyone says they are the best in town.


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            Gracias, deeb. I've been trying to locate the Sears in the Centro on a map to no avail. I'll keep looking and of course I'll ask when I'm there - but do you have a more specific address or cross street? I did hear about Minerva beer and I think it's brewed in Jalisco, so hopefully I'll get a taste. I'll definitely have a look at Rincon del Alfil - the website makes it look very appealing. Thanks everyone, I'm very excited about the trip!

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              The downtown Sears store in Guadalajara is on Av. 16 de septiembre just at the corner of Av. La Paz. The address is Av. 16 de septiembre #650.

          2. Hello

            For the widest selection of beer/tequila in Guadalajara you must visit the largest cantina in the world. If you visit the small town of Tlaqupaque, they have the largest outdoor bar in the world. There you will be able to eat drink and listen to live music. It's the best. While you are there, you must also visit the art galleries and the fine Mexican cuisine.


            1. This isn't street food, but I hope you eat at least one meal downtown at La Chata, with a menu of typical food of Jalisco, a charming Mexican ambiance, and so popular that the locals are lined up on the side walk.