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Sep 26, 2010 08:16 AM

Dessert to go with sangria?

I have two friends coming over this week to see my new house. I'm making a red sangria and zucchini/basil fritters, and I need a small dessert to go with it. What sounds good?

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  1. A melon, cucumber spear and pineapple platter, served sprinkled with lime and a shaker of soursalt and chile powder to add at will. Easy do-ahead, which means you might could rustle up some churros (or, even easier, quickly deep-fried flour tortillas, cut into triangles before frying, sprinkled with Cinnamon sugar and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.)

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      pineapple and cucumber don't really mix well with red wine. and the sugars in the melon and pineapple will make the sangria taste like sour candy.

      the churros are a good idea or just a plate of nuts and savory biscuits, like taralli. if you're not stuffing the fritters with cheese, you could also put out a little manchego.

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        I hadn't thought of that, but it sounds spot-on when you mention it. I haven't got a good wine palate much at all, so it's not where I naturally go with things. Always glad for more wisdom.

    2. Hmmm maybe something chocolate/orange? Chocolate to go with the red wine and orange to reinforce the fruitiness without having another fruit "course" (because I think the sangria is already fruity and your main is also produce-oriented).
      Found this previous suggestion:

      1. caramel comes to mind..- alfajores, dulce de leche brownies, coconut ice cream or sorbet, vanilla custard

        1. Chocolate covered grapes!

          1. Because of the citrus in sangria, how about a key lime pie? Maybe one of these others.
            Baked apple
            Pears braised in wine... maybe even sangria
            Lemon bars or tarts