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Sep 26, 2010 08:15 AM

Mystery spirit

I moved in to a new flat and some drinks and spirits were left behind. There is one mystery spirit. The label is in Cyrillic (I think). I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what it is (for all I know if could be Russian vodka or something really common).

The spirit is clear with a slight (VERY slight) gold/yellow tinge. The label has Cyrillic letters that look like 'KAPHOBATCKA' (not exactly a capital B, but a lower-case b with a hook), and underneat 'MYCKAMOBA' and under that 'PAKNR' (the R is backwards). The label says it's 40%. There's a seal with two lions, a crown above a shield and a K and 1953 within the shield.

I don't really drink much but am just intrigued as to what it is...

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  1. Try it, tell us what it tastes of, or maybe get a picture of the bottle?

    1. I asked a friend, Ian Williams an author and spirit expert. He said, "Karnobatska Muskamova and Rakia. Its Raki. which in the Balkans is grappa."

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        It's Bulgarian and the brand is Karnobat. It probably is anise flavored.