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Sep 26, 2010 07:34 AM

Asian Food Markets....Piscataway

I had heard that there was a new location of this Supermarket Group, recently opened in Piscataway. Being from Northern New Jersey, I never really get down to the Edison area where there's lots of Asian restaurants and having an event at the Shore area gave me an opportunity to check this place out on my return. While it's out of the way for me, and off the major highways...I'm glad I went. It's a pretty large store, very clean and well laid out. The displays of all items are well placed and it caters to every Asian ethnic group. There were many advertised specials marked clearly with signs. There's a fishmonger, butcher, bakery items and a hot steam table with roasted and barbecued meats for takeout and lunchplates. The prices all seem competitive and reasonable with other markets offering the same products.

Where I found the real bargains were on the assorted Asian Vegetables. Here are some of the prices I noticed:

Chinese Broccoli.......99/lb
Yu Choy....................99/lb
Shanghai Cabbage....1.19/lb
Various Bok Choys.....99-1.19/lb
Fresh Dates................99/lb
Fresh String Beans........59/lb
Fuji Apples...................69/lb

For Fish....Butterfish was 1.99/lb.

Dumplings.....$1.00 per order

I have not yet been to Kam Man Food in Edison, so I cannot compare, but I would imagine it now has some serious competition.

Asian Food Markets
1339 Centennial Avenue

Kam Man Food
200 State Route 10, East Hanover, NJ 07936

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  1. The AFC in Pway is great isn't it? I live in the area and go there for produce and asian ingredients that i can't get at the normal supermarket, though i have to say, some of the stuff they carry chills my vegetarian heart :P

    I wouldn't worry about it being competition for Kam Man Foods though, as the AFC was open on Rt 27 in Edison for many years, and it simply relocated to Pway a year or so ago.

    Kam Man Food
    200 State Route 10, East Hanover, NJ 07936

    1. They're in the location that Office Depot used to be. They seemed to have relocated there from their previous location on Route 27 and Plainfield Road in Edison while that entire shopping center underwent a renovation.

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        Fourunder, it's a nice store with almost everything to suit one's need should they be cooking Thai, Chineese, etc. I especially love the veggies (especially the Bok Choy), long green beans, the dates, peppers, lemongrass, camfir lime leaves etc.

        I work in the area and it's but a 5 minute ride from the office. They have a sister store down here at shore with my ride up to Middletown (off on New Monmouth Rd) being every bit of 30 minutes from my home. The Piscataway store does it for me and it's far larger than their counterpart in Middletown.

      2. Love this store! I'd been a customer of their Rt 27 store for many, many years. The veggies are great, as are their meat products, particularly the pork, which I find FAR superior to anything that ShopRite or Stop & Shop sells.

        Their "prepared food to go" counter is also top notch. I don't always know what everything is that they are serving but have recently taken to just trying the items blind and have yet to be disappointed. A few of the folks behind the counter speak very good English and are very helpful in explaining some of the more unusual dishes they are serving up.

        I cant praise this market enough...I probably do 3/4 of my food shopping there, whether cooking Asian style or not.