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Sep 26, 2010 07:01 AM

TODAY: Empty Bowls, Manchester, NH

Empty Bowls, a benefit for New Horizons, is today 11:30-2pm at Brookside Cong. Church, Elm St., Manchester, NH. This is a fantastic event with dozens of local restaurants participating.

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  1. We missed this event this year, was south but I'm spearheading the 1st Annual Greater Lowell Empty Bowls in Jan. 23, 2011. I've gotten some great assistance from Manchester's team. Can't wait - we have culinary schools making soups, community making the bowls.

    I love this event in Manchester, it was my inspiration.

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      Sorry Patti. I tried to post a link to the Lowell event. It didn't work.

      1. re: harry_sparrow

        you should find all the details on this site on the calender for Jan. Www.emptybowls.net