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Sep 26, 2010 06:52 AM

Christmas Eve in Alsace

Our family will be in the Colmar area on the 24th of December and I would like to make reservations at a hotel/restaurant or restaurant for the evening. Suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Better book now!

    In Colmar:
    Hotel Le Colombier, rue Turenne
    Restaurant JYS, just around the corner (and chef Jean-Yves Schillinger's Cote-Cour-Cote-Four and Sushi Bar)

    In Riquewihr:
    Le B Espace Suites, rue Gral. de Gaulle (and Jean-Luc Brendel's 2 restaurants, the Brendelstub next door - practically opposite Hugel) and the Michelin-starred Table du Gourmet round the corner on rue de la Première Armée)
    Hotel-Restaurant Le Sarment d'Or, rue 4 rue du Cerf

    Have a Google - they all have websites - and you'll find out if they're open Christmas Eve


    Sue and