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restaurants near Hancock (Jiminy Peak) with 7 y.o., parents and grandparents

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We will be staying near JP Columbus Day weekend with my parents in their 80's and my 7 y.o. son. Any restaurant recommendations that would suit all our tastes? Not too loud for my parents, DS does not eat pizza, but will eat steak, chili, roast chicken... and is well behaved in restaurants. We would be eating on the earlier side, but I expect it will be a busy weekend. I would prefer to limit the drive time to within half an hour from Hancock. We are foodiesand enjoy our wine...The little one would probably partake if I allowed it!

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  1. You're going to have to go to Williamstown or Pittsfield for anything decent (I live 3 miles from Jiminy--basically, 30 minutes from anywhere.) I'm not too fond of any of the Williamstown restaurants at the moment. I would suggest Mission Bar & Tapas on North Street (the northern end) in Pittsfield. Good tapas, sandwiches, salads and now dinners. Wines are very drinkable, am told the beers are good.
    It can get busy, but if you go on the early side you should have no trouble getting in or with noise-they often have entertainment/open mike, but usually not before 7:30 pm.

    1. I forgot--people love the wings at Old Forge in Lanesborough, on Rt. 7-- and the beer selection. I'm not that fond of wings and have found the other food selections eminently forgettable.

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        It is unfortunate that there are so few good restaurants in northern Berkshires. How far is it to stockbridge from JP?

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          Maybe a little more than 30 minutes.

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          The Mill on the Floss is close to Jiminy Peak and the food is excellent.

        2. Pittsfield has a few very good restaurants: Jae's Spice (Asian infused), Shiro (Japanese), Flavours (Malaysian), Mazzeo's (Italian), and Elizabeth's (Italian). Enjoy.

          Shiro Restaurant
          105 Stockbridge Rd, Great Barrington, MA 01230

          1. Actually, John Harvard's right at Jiminy is good. Powder Hounds, at the end of the drive may or may not be open (he often takes a fall break, but usually after Columbus Weekend). Both are good for "kids" of all ages, but definitely John Harvard's - it's a resort restaurant so they're used to families.

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              I read very mixed things about john Harvard. It sounds like a typical ski resort family place: child friendly, mediocre food and expensive for what you get. If it is open , does powder hounds serve better food?
              Thank you for the pittsfield suggestions and the mill on the floss. Is the latter child. Friendly?

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                Mill on the Floss is pretty spendy and a little more upscale than the average chowspot in the Berks.

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                  My experience at John Harvards, which I will admit is limited to times I've had coupons, is as you mentioned. Average to mediocre, edible, absoutley nothing to write home (or in Chowhound) about.
                  Have never eaten at Powder Hounds (it was open last week).
                  Unfortunately, I don't think too highly of any of the restaurants Dana recomended
                  As folks are throwing in recommendations all over the Bershires, I'll add Rouge in West Stockbridge (about 30-40 minutes) .....child friendly, excellent food and drink, hound favorite.

              2. Personally I love the Old Forge as recommended before but a lot of that is based on the wings and enormous beer list, the other food is not bad really, but if you are not into those may not be the place to go, also on the weekend it can be loud and hard to get a table so maybe not good for your situation.

                In Pittsfield in addition to the other places mentioned there is Brix (french-type bistro), good if you are into wine, if you are there early I don't think a 7 yo would be a problem.

                If you are considering driving 30 minutes to Stockbridge I will just note that Lenox is closer than Stockbridge and has a large number of restaurants, good and bad, you can search the board.

                40 West St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

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                  Recommend Mission Bar and Tapas in Pittsfield, although not with the kiddies.

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                    thank you for all the feedback. DS will be with us at all meals, so need to consider that. We are not wings and beer people, Brix sounds nice as does Mill on the Floss. I didn't realize that Lenox was closer than stockbridge, I should have looked closer at the map.

                    Anything worthwhile in Williamstown or North Adams?

                    40 West St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

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                      Anything in particular in Lennox recommended? Is that asp 30 minutes from MP?

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                        There are a couple dozen places in Lenox, if you search the board you will get all different opinions but personally I think Jonathan's (bistro-type food, on Rt. 7) and Alta (wine bar in "downtown" Lenox) are good.

                        Maybe I am just having a blank moment but not understanding your abbreviations - DS, asp, MP?

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                          Sorry, a typo on my smart phone. I meant near JP (Jiminy Peak).

                          So I have narrowed the list as follows, in no particular order:
                          Mill on the Floss
                          Mission Bar and Grill

                          Will I need reservations Columbus Day weekend? Long waits aren't a viable option with elderly parents and child...

                          Still trying to figure out what would be best for a quicker meal the night we arrive...maybe I should just bring food into the condo for that evening...

                          40 West St, Pittsfield, MA 01201