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Sep 26, 2010 04:39 AM

Thanksgiving in Venice

Anyone know of a gathering for Thanksgiving Day 2010 in Venice?

Would also appreciate ANY suggestions for small off the beaten path trattoria/osteria.

We are staying in Canneregio but can walk anywhere for good food.

Also - a place that doesn't just serve fish.

mile grazie,

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  1. There is nothing special about Thanksgiving Day in Venice. One would be hard press to find anything in restaurants. If you know American expats, their homes will be the only gatherings. Venetians also have a "thanksgiving" day, the Redentore feast which is celebrated at the 3rd week of July. Now that is a celebration.

    1. Be sure to do a search for Venice on this board. You will find dozens & dozens of prior posts with many helpful suggestions.

      I spent Thanksgiving week in Venice & the Veneto region about 8 years ago. It is a non-event there. Be aware that you may encounter "acqua alta" in Venice and find many of the areas in the city flooded for several hours each day.

      The good news is that Venice is delightfully tourist-free that time of year. The museums & churches are pretty much empty.

      1. Maybe Thanksgiving would be a good day to visit one of the nearby cities, like Verona or Padua, which have restaurants offering the land based cuisine of the region.

        In Venice, I would recommend Alla Zucca. It has a rich vegetable and meat based cuisine, including a luscious savory pumpkin flan which would be at least reminiscent of the feast at home.

        1. I've spent several Thanksgivings in Venice. The crowds are absent and the weather overcast and did manage to be there for the worst flooding in 30 years, but the city is still a delight that time of year. Usually spend the actual day with ex-pat friends who manage the traditional meal. One year we did go to an Italian inspired Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant called La Bita. They may have been accommodating a film company that year but the meal was close to traditional. The owner made a marvelous pumpkin pie. They serve no fish usually. The restaurant is close to Campo Santa Margarita. The restaurant is small and reservations are a must on an ordinary day. It's worth a call to see if they are doing anything thi year. Its a bit hard to find but is located on Calle Lunga de San Barnaba, 2753
          30123 Venice, Italy
          041 5230531
          Hope this is helpful.

          1. Hello:
            My husband and I and our two 18 year old sons will be in Venice for Thanksgiving this year and were wondering what to do for Thanksgiving. We'll be there from NOv. 20-27. Perhaps we could chat about possibilities. Maybe a chance to meet new friends and celebrate LIFE and GIVE THANKS. We're from Sandy Hook, CT.

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              Oops. This is Carole Brown. I sent along a picture of me, my two boys, and our nanny from France. Couldn't tell who was in the tiny thumbnails. Anyway, still looking for something special to do in Vienna on Thanksgiving. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all.