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Sep 25, 2010 07:29 PM

Best full-bodied coffee on the Upper West Side?

Visiting from San Francisco, have had some excellent food following chowhounds' advice, but have yet to have a single rich, flavorful cup of coffee, much less a good espresso, after a week in New York--even restaurants that fuss over the sourcing of every leaf in a salad seem to regard coffee as an after-thought. Any suggestions for a great morning cup (extra points for great pastry) on the Upper West Side?

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  1. big nicks ask for it extra greasy

    1. Not a whole lot on the Upper West Side but try Joe the Art of Coffee.

      See also:

      1. It's a chain but the coffee at Le Pain Quotidien is typically good...and they have decent pastry. (There are at least 3 locations on the UWS)

        Otherwise there's Joe...

        1. Bouchon Bakery

          Bouchon Bakery
          10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019

          1. Caffe Mocias. Amsterdam Ave. between 94th and 95th St.
            The italian Roast Iced Latte is the best.

            Oren's Coffee on Broadway and 113th is good as well.