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Jukebox Burgers

Anybody know anything about these folks? They're setting up shop on the West Island next to Marche de l'Ouest, and I think they have or are planning another outlet in Terrebonne.


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  1. I'm one of the partners. We open this coming Thursday, with a dry run going on tomorrow.
    I think since I'm a partner that's all I can say :)

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    1. re: KKW

      Can't you give us a few ideas of what's being offered? Menu items, anything noteworthy to make folks check it out?

      1. re: KKW

        Fresh ground triple A beef, vege, turkey, salmon, chicken breast
        Big macaroni and cheese section.
        Ice cream parlor, diner style

        Not Gourmet Burgers, family style

        1. re: KKW

          Went by late Thursday afternoon but wasn't sure if the resto was open. The windows were still papered over. Has there been a delay?

          1. re: Haggisboy

            Yes and no
            Open at dinner time but dry runs-- no charge

            Fully openMonday

        2. re: KKW

          Some of these burgers look really great, but I'm very specific in my burger needs. Can you tell me if any of the burgers on your menu are topped with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles? I would also wonder if any are served between a freshly-baked bun?

          1. re: Delmare

            "between a freshly baked bun" That's an interesting choice of words. Reminds me of the time I got stuck between a canoe.

              1. re: Haggisboy

                I'm pretty certain that Delmare read the menu before writing their comment.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  He's quoting the menu, or his question wasn't formulated properly

                  Extract from the website
                  "LE ELVIS (American burger melt) 12.95
                  Mushrooms, caramelized sautéed onions with Swiss cheese topped with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles between a freshly-baked bun."

            1. Visited yesterday. We had passed by Saturday when it looked like they were open, but it was a soft opening apparently. We've seen the work they were doing to the former Navia for some time now....so we were a bit excited, since the O'Burger on Sources has slowly gone to the crapper in terms of service the past few months.

              The inside of the place is great. Awesome decor, awesome seats. The namesake jukebox has a prominent place at the front of the restaurant. There's a hostess, but she didn't seem too interested in her job. Likewise, our waitress was very hesitant taking orders and just didn't seem comfortable with the menu or the POS system - very slow! Unfortunately, for an opening night, the place was almost empty, and there were lots of waiters and waitresses milling around aimlessly. The website says it's supposed to provide an old school vibe, but really, outside of the decoration, service is standard Jack Astor's type experience, but without the paper tablecloth to play tic-tac-toe.

              The food....I ordered the Gable, she ordered the Humphrey. The Gable has blue cheese, spicy sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickle. The Humphrey is your basic bacon cheeseburger. Each plate is $13, and includes the burger and choice of fries, chips, coleslaw or mash. Extra charge for poutine, sweet potato fries, mac and cheese, fries with sauce, onion rings or salad (up to $3 extra). As an aside for the review, I hate this type of pricing structure, as you're essentially telling me that your standard sides are worthless since I have to pay 2 bucks for an order of rings, but I digress.

              She had mac and cheese, and I had fries.

              Burger meat and presentation is phenomenal. HUGE burgers, HUGE crispy buns. Looks just like a commercial picture. Served in a basket. Mine was too lightly topped with the signature ingredients- had almost no spice kick to it, and very vague blue cheese. She loved her bacon cheeseburger- couldn't finish it. Fries were awesome- really thin shoestring fries. Her mac and cheese, in her words, tasted like KD. I tried and can't disagree. The real star though remained the burger meat- perfectly seasoned and tastes just like a really good home bbq burger.

              All together, our bill came to $40 with tax and tip. The burger plates were $13ish apiece, the mac and cheese was a $3 upcharge, and 2 flavored sodas were $2.40 each (with no free refill). Fairly expensive in my opinion for what we got, which was essentially a very good hamburger with standard sides and soft drinks.

              Would we go again? Probably- but instead of it being our go to place, it will be a rare treat, and we'll continue with other places instead.

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              1. re: Mfizzle

                I went and took a look at the menu on the website and while the burgers sound yummy, the price seems kinda high for a burger in Montreal. Usually, when I'm in the mood to go out for burgers, it's not with the intention of spending $20/person! I'm trying to remember what L'Anecdote charges for their delicious burgers ... I think it's more in the $8-$10 range.

                1. re: eoj

                  I so far have tried the restaurant once and although the food was generally tasty and the restaurant was well decorated, there was room for improvement in certain areas:


                  -Good tasting food overall. The chicken wings were delicious and the burgers were good quality.
                  -Portion sizes were just where they needed to be.
                  -Nice decoration and atmosphere. I enjoyed the 50s feel and oldies music.
                  -As it is now, a nice occasional restaurant experience (but not something I'd want every week).


                  -Prices out of line for what you get in most cases. The cheapest burger is 10$ (plain burger) and as soon as you want to add anything interesting (cheese or other toppings), it can easily become a 13-18$ burger. Add on a 5.50$ milkshake and your at ~20$+ tax +tip per person for a burger meal.
                  -Vanilla Milkshake was not up to par for what you would expect from this type of restaurant. Clumpy, was visually small, and didn't have much taste--->not what you'd expect. They need to perfect this process.
                  -Fountain soft drink was slightly watery and lacked enough bubbles --->again not what you'd expect.
                  -Service was generally low beat (no enthusiasm)and poor. Waiters would disappear for 5-10 minutes regularly and not bring simple commodities like ketchup on time.
                  -Chicken Wings only had one sauce option that wasn't hot whatsoever---> Again, not what you'd expect from a restaurant of this type. A sweet, medium, and hot sauce option should be available at the least (otherwise, their wings are top notch).

                  OVERALL (from first experience...I'm sure it will improve):

                  Food: 7.5/10
                  Service: 5/10
                  Drink (Milkshakes/Soda): 5/10
                  Atmosphere: 8/10
                  Price: 6.5/10
                  Overall I'd say my first experience was a 6.5-7/10 there. I plan to try the restaurant again sometime soon.

                  1. re: josh6970

                    Went a second time to the restaurant. I enjoyed the food again very much but there still remains problems with the service (the waiters are not enthusiastic, forget about requests like refills, and often disappear for 5-10 minutes at the worst times possible...eg. the second after you get your food). The manager was there to please the customers and try to see if everything was alright which was a good thing. The milk shakes were better this time as well.

                    1. re: josh6970

                      It's good they grind daily the meat for their hamburgers. The owners of the Buffalo Bill chicken wing chain, are behind the Jukebox Restaurant.

                      1. re: BLM

                        15 bucks for a burger at this type of family/novelty restaurant seems steep. But they will get the clientele they are looking for in this location. I would take "Le Gourmet Burger" over this any day. Build your own burger for $17.95, is ridiculous.

                        1. re: BlueSteak

                          went there for the 1st time last night with my wife and 2 months old baby .
                          all in all we had a very pleasant experience .
                          Yes it,s a bit pricey for burgers but the quality is here and the quantities are more than decent .
                          I had the Elvis presley with sourdough and veggie pattie ( did not feel like having meat ....happens ...) with poutine as a side .
                          huge birger, huge poutine, very tasty and filling .
                          Root beer was ( free) refilled twice without asking . Nice staff in general.

                          They made a mistake on my wife's order ( worng burger) but the waitress and manager came over to apologize and replaced it in no time . She gulped her root beer float with a big smile on her face.

                          It is a family restaurant so it's noisy and lots of kiddy action around ZE jukebox, but it was fine by us because our baby wasn't the noisiest kid around for once...and he loved the place too.
                          did not get a chance to try the dessert but we will keep that for our next time .
                          Total bill came to 48 $ tax and tip inc. Yes it's more than what you can expect for a burger joint but we did not mind since we had sucjh a good time .
                          Will repeat and recommend

                2. re: Mfizzle

                  Their burgers are about 8oz of beef?

                3. This place is a rip-off...for one, they have no pricing for extra meat, they charge you for The Gleason Burger on their menu which is at 16.95 before tax, and includes the fries/coleslaw thing...HOWEVER...I ordered a Double Turkey Burger with Monterrey Jack Cheese on it and NO SIDES for take out...just the burger..you know how much that was? 13.95+tax...$15.75!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Screw this...never again...And the thing was so salty it was inedible...

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                  1. re: rogert7

                    Why didn't you ask the price before you ordered?
                    Don't they have a menu and prices posted in the window or outside as is required?

                    1. re: hanklin

                      I didn't ask the price because as you may have read from my critique..they don't have a price menu for extra meat or what I ordered...what does that tell you? AND....they passed the order and then handed me the bill....come on..you and I both know that is a rip-off.

                  2. Who the heck is Rory Olsen?
                    I did a search but could not find him among the Beliveau's, Gleason's, Elvis's, Akroyd's and Onassis's of the world.

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                    1. re: hanklin

                      Rory is a local businessman and philanthropist. He also sings in a rock band in his spare time.

                        1. re: hanklin

                          It's OK, he probably hasn't heard of you either...:-)

                          1. re: eat2much

                            Probably not, but my name isn't on the menu among such luminaries as Beliveau and Elvis.
                            Just seems incongruous.

                            1. re: hanklin

                              Nothing wrong with naming a dish after a customer (although they should have used just a first or last name). It could be argued that the owners probably have no clue how Beliveau, Elvis and other luminaries liked their burgers.

                              1. re: eat2much

                                The restaurant was not in existence prior to this one.
                                How could they have named it after a customer if there were none?

                                I do agree however, that naming a menu item with a last name only, would have been more in keeping with the spirit of the place.

                                Like I said, it's just an incongurous name among all the famous names on the burger menu.

                                1. re: hanklin

                                  I ate there yesterday. The most tasteless and dry` Burger I ever had. They wouldn`t last very long

                                  1. re: fredmir

                                    I still can't get over the prices they are charging.
                                    I haven't gone yet because when we go out to a restaurant it's a family thing and I just don't see myself blowing a $100.00 or more on burgers for the family.

                                    So far I have spoken to 3 different people about their experience at Jukebox and all three began their review with the words "it's expensive".

                                    So for the time being I am reserving my hundred dollar plus outings for restaurants that offer a better ambiance and a more refined meal.

                                    Tell us some details. How was the bun? The toppings? Presentation? For a hundred bucks I expect my burgers to come with a dancing lady, a hula hoop show and a steak!

                                    1. re: hanklin

                                      The buns was dry`s as well. Suppose to be fresh bake there. I did drink alot of water the rest of the day. That how dry the burger was. I had the Sammy D, with chili sauce and it was still dry. Madisons make a lot better burger for $10.00 or O Burger make a great burger for under $10,00

                    2. Went there yesterday for lunch. Ok, but not great, and definitely not a place that I would bring my family of 4 to. Would bankrupt me. I had the bacon-cheeseburger (forget the name). Bacon was tasteless (how'd they do that?). Otherwise the burger was good. I assume freshly grilled since it took forever to get to my table, even though the place was nearly empty. Was looking forward to the curly Q fries. They were terrible. They were overcooked, which is easy to do since they are so skinny. Root beer was fine although was I supposed to get refills? Waiter was nowhere to be seen after he took my order, perhaps his shift was finished. Finally, with the place almost empty, the hostess sat me in a booth next to a crying baby....so I moved. Nice, will likely last, but doubt I will plunk my $ again there anytime soon.

                      1. We went to the West Island location tonight for dinner. We were four adults and three kids ranging in age from 2 to 4. In a nutshell, I can't really see much reason to go back. Here are the high and low points:

                        - Atmosphere is kitschy, cliched, but fun -- especially for kids.
                        - Portions are huuuge, if that's your thing.
                        - Lots of ice cream options and toppings, including soda floats.
                        - Beef burgers seemed fresh and well grilled.

                        - Tasteless food. Really, tragically tasteless food. Between us all we had three different burgers, onion rings, fries, three varieties of mac and cheese... and none of them tasted like much of anything.
                        - Onion rings were of the frozen variety and required a 2$ upcharge to substitute for fries.
                        - Service was a bit spotty and somewhat cool. Though to their credit they promptly brought out the correct burger when they made a mistake on one order.
                        - Prices are... pricey. Our bill for two adults and two kids came to just under 70$. There's no way we'll be repeating a family dinner night at that price.

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                        1. re: soozle

                          I tried Jukebox recently and as others have already stated, the burger and the bun were dry, the burger had zero taste and their burgers are way over priced. If you like eating hockey puck overdone burgers this place fits the bill. The only thing I liked were their curly fries.

                        2. I tried out the location in the West Island a week ago. My husband and I decided that we wouldn't likely be going back unless it's for dessert.

                          While the menu is pretty extensive and we had plenty of choice, we were not really impressed by what we got. My husband ordered a beef burger with various toppings and olives. I ordered a chicken burger with blue cheese and walnuts. The chicken was well marinated but I had to stop eating a few times to pull out rubbery parts not trimmed from the chicken breast. My husband said that his burger was alright, but that the meat was tasteless.
                          I really didn't like the curly fries - they were tasteless (well, maybe cardboard).
                          We did share a butterscotch sundae - that was good.
                          The waitress was nice but it took a while to get some mayo and our drinks. It was pretty loud but that's part of the atmosphere.

                          For $40... once was enough.

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                          1. re: MaiCarInMtl

                            I`m surprise there still in Business. I see the burger are still tasteless and dry
                            I did eat there last year
                            There days are number, as 5 Guy Burgers just open near by

                            1. re: fredmir

                              I'd love to know what's up with the Montreal burger joint craze. They're everywhere.

                              Ever since the economy tanked, the trend has been on comfort food. But I'm left scratching my head as to why people are willing to pay too much for sub-par food like these places are serving...

                              1. re: soozle

                                I often wonder the same thing. For the price of one burger, you could feed a hungry family of 4-5 with home-made burgers, fries, salad and a dessert.

                                I think it's a fad that will start dying down in the next few months.

                                1. re: soozle

                                  I wouldn't call it a craze so much as a trend. Seems a lot of people are trying to jump on the bandwagon, but I wonder if Montrealers are actually patronizing these places. Most of them are gimmicky and mediocre. Where not a town that's known for buying into gimmicks.

                                2. re: fredmir

                                  I tried the 5 Guys location in Vaudreuil - now that was worth the 9$ price tag! one of the best burgers I've ever had. I just might bring my husband there this weekend.

                                  1. re: MaiCarInMtl

                                    +1 to this.

                                    We had 5 Guys this past weekend and it rocked my world. It's going to demolish both Jukebox and the local O'Burger on Sources and St. Jean for a 'premium' burger.

                                    1. re: Mfizzle

                                      5 Guys is right up there with Dilallo Burgers

                                      1. re: fredmir

                                        I think you're going to see Jukebox drastically drop prices soon in response. There's absolutely no justification for the prices with a place like this basically next door. Yes, there's a premium for the service, but ultimately the burgers at 5 Guys taste better, and you need a hell of a lot more ambiance to make up for the fact that Jukebox is essentially double the price for the same quantity and quality of food.

                                        1. re: fredmir

                                          five guys is a fast food place where you don't hang out to long after you're done. Juke box is more of an outing place. Burger isn't good but it's supposed to be entertaining. lol lol

                                          1. re: maj54us

                                            I don't know. We've been a few times to Jukebox, and the concept is more interesting than the reality.

                                            They're going for the old fashioned vibe, but really, what makes it so? The pictures on the wall? The decor? Look above eye level and you see generic industrial ceilings that don't exactly scream 50's diner.

                                            The music is just basic oldies. The jukebox is neat, but we've tried using it a couple of times and we never hear our song played. There's usually kids all over the place making an incredible racket. The servers when they first opened had a pseudo uniform that looked era appropriate if you squinted hard, but have now reverted to branded apparel. It's a retro restaurant in the same way that East Side Mario's is an Italian eatery.

                                            When it first opened, I had visions of that restaurant from Pulp Fiction (understanding that it couldn't be exactly like that). The reality unfortunately is sort of generic and lacking inspiration. It would be neat to have floor space to dance to the oldies, or have bands play (doo wop, classic rock, etc.), bring back a 50's style uniform for the servers. Theme nights. That sort of thing. It just seems so lacking in spark for the money you pay.

                                            I get that 5 Guys is different...but at the same time they're promoting a premium burger too. Will they put Jukebox out of business? I'd be surprised if they did. But I do think their presence will even moreso call into question the value quotient of a place like Jukebox, which was already a tenuous proposition to begin with.

                                            1. re: Mfizzle

                                              @Mfizzle: Great review:I don't think 5 guys will put jukebox out of business. It's jukebosx that will put themselves out of business if they don't have quality food in the long run.