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Sep 25, 2010 07:19 PM


My bf and I want are planning to go out for dinner for our 3 year anniversary. We are in our early 20s so shouldn't be somewhere too stuffy. Somewhere in the city, not italian, and somewhere romantic. Any good recs? Thanks!!

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  1. It helps to give a little more information to get some good recommendations. Do you have budget? Do you care if it's BYOB or not? Anywhere you've been and liked or not liked?

    I've had several lovely, romantic meals at Lacroix, but that might be more than you're looking to spend. I'd recommend Bibou if you want something BYOB. If not, perhaps Tinto? It's my favorite of the Garces restaurants, and darker and more intimate than Amada.

    1. You know, funny, just had this conversation with a friend that great date place is Mixto on 13th(i think) and Pine. Fun, upbeat atmosphere....................nothing stuffy about it and never had a bad meal.......maybe not stellar, but always yummy. But after 3 years of good dates, would def think Bibou or something special.

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        Huh. I've always liked the food at Mixto, but the service has been so lackluster every time we go, that we just stopped a few years ago.