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Sep 23, 2005 02:53 PM

Olympus Taverna in NoHo -- what is it?

  • d

I keep driving past Olympus Taverna on Laurel Canyon between Victory and Oxnard in North Hollywood. I never see anyone going into it, but if it's a decent Greek restaurant, I'd love to know.

So... is it a restaurant? Is it mostly a bar with meze? Is it (forgive the question) a, um, casa disreputada? (It would fit in with the neighbourhood!)

And has anyone been?

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  1. d

    It is indeed a restaurant, but if you don't go, you're not missing anything at all!

    I've ordered the gyro lunch plate a couple of times--the meat was dry and and pita not warmed up. My coworkers have also ordered the chicken plate--same complaints. To make things worse, the place is dark and stinks of stale air.

    1. Olympus Tavern is very good restaurant with exselant food. I am geting launch with my coworkers twice a week in this resiaurant for 4 years and food is always frech and tasty.

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