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Sep 25, 2010 06:08 PM

Alizee or Adelle--which would you choose?

Hubby and I are on a rampage trying to make up for lost time in the arena of trying out the more recent openings of restaurants.

Tried B&O Brasserie--quite nice. Not exceptional enough to make us want to return anytime soon.

Woodberry Kitchen--see my previous response. Would definitely rush back for the chicken liver "pate", which should be more descriptive as a "mousse." Not a negative observation, as it was so fantastic--well, words fail me. I've had foiegras mousse and the "lowly chicken liver" version at Woodberry Kitchen matched, if not surpassed, the goose liver. (Especially considering the price point)>

My next choice of restaurant that hubby and I have yet to embrace, is Adelia in Fells Point. We have always enjoyed scrumptious meals at Kali's Court, Mezze, and Meli. So, we are enticed to discover the fourth addition to this restaurant "empire."

As we were downtown this evening, there appears to be a "Greek" restaurant opening around the corner from Charleston. Am curious. Wow--that East Harbor area is rocking. So many new dining establishments and shopping venues.

But, we decided to visit one of our "old standby's", knowing that we would enjoy perfect service and very excellent food---Fleming's. We don't succumb to the negative attitude generally afflicted on CHAIN RESTAURANTS. WE used to travel about 30,0000 miles a year to many U.S. We ventured into the culture and dining experiences related to those locations, but after so many travel experiences, it was a comfort zone to dine somewhere where we were able to rely on a comfort zone of knowing what to expect.

Anyhow, back to my original request, "si vous plait?" FoiGras

1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

Woodberry Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

Kali's Court
1606 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD 22231

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  1. I think you mean Adela. Cant wait for a review

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    1. re: tartuffe

      Yes- you are correct. I did, indeed, mean Adela. Hoping it is as good as Mezze. Actually, hoping it will be better. So, I believe that will be a next option for dining out. FoiGras

      1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

    2. I went to Alizee and was not impressed. Nothing was bad, but I didn't get the hype. I couldn't even tell you anything I ate.

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      1. re: ronandaim

        Oh, that is a disappointing review. Well, I guess we will try Adela before we venture out to Alizee.

        Is it me, or is nothing exciting happening in the dining arena lately? Seems as though nothing is going on.

        Hubby and I went to Victoria Gastro Pub last night and enjoyed a lovely dinner. The Kobe burger was excellent and loved the paprika fries (actually, they are better then the duck fat fries). The chicken liver pate was delicious, Wine selection was quite favorable. All in all, a nice experience. FoiGras

        Victoria Gastro Pub
        8201 Snowden River Parkway, Columbia, MD 21045

        1. re: ronandaim

          We went recently for lunch because an old chef from the Polo Grill days is back and we were curious. The food was absolutely unmemorable, each dish was missing components from the menu and, worst of all, the server was unbelievably annoying and in our business, acting super important, bragging about nonsense. We were too stunned to say anything but really it was very off-putting. And we heard another server give a completely different list of specials to another table. Just avoid it.

        2. If you haven't been to Dogwood since it re-opened, I would say to go there. We were there 2 times in the past several weeks, and both times were fantastic. I think it's my new favorite in the city!