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Sep 25, 2010 05:15 PM

Point Loma: First Anniversary

Hi all,

Tomorrow until Wednesday, we're staying in Point Loma for our first anniversary and we waited until the last minute to iron out plans. We're open to any suggestions but please limit to the Point Loma/Ocean Beach area.

1. We'd like to have a nice dinner on Monday night. Nothing stuffy, $16 - $24 entree range. Romantic and/or great view would be awesome. We're thinking The Pearl or Jimmy's Tavern.

2. Lunch: Point Loma Seafood is already in. Any other suggestions?

3. Good place to watch Sunday's blacked out Charger's game?

4. What is there to do (non-food) in the area Sunday - Wednesday?

Thanks in advance -P&J

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  1. Pearl is a good choice. Not been there, but have had their food.

    1. FYI -There's a cool little farmer's market tomorrow on CaƱon at Rosecrans. It's in the 'village' very near PT Loma Seafood. Hours are 930-230..

      1. I'd hit up the Bali Hai..bayfront of Shelter Island for the best mai tais and decent dinner for little $$ with great views of downtown the Polynesian theme.

        Happy Hour at the Brigantine on Shelter Island..great fish tacos for $3 and brig brew and marg's and its HH everyday in the bar...good place to watch the Charger game if its tvs are around.

        La Playa Bistro down at La Playa near the SDYC.
        Point Loma Seafoods for a scallop sandwich.

        Azucar for guava pastries and cocktails at the best dive bar in the world, Pacific Shores in OB....3rd corner too for wine and tapas.
        Jimmy's Tavern or the Pearl is good call...Old Venice too.

        Red Sails is a dive place on Shelter Island that is open for breakfast/lunch/dinner but the real beauty of this place is the dark, dank old school bar with the great bar stools and you'll probably see the Gordon's Fisherman guy along with all the local yacht rats..they pour a mean drink and to be honest, its a fav for what it is..hope that makes sense..only ones who love and understand this will comprehend..either you love or hate is marginal but they do have good chowder.. ; )

        Cabrillo National Monument for the best view of SD.
        We just got back from the yc and the weather was 85 at the water..wooo hooo!
        Happy Anniversary and report back!

        1. The Pearl has very unique and relaxing, poolside (small) atmosphere and terrific food.

          Jimmy's American is right on the harbor - Tasty specialty cocktails, decent food, really BIG portions. Either one would be great on Monday to sit outdoors on a WARM evening.

          Old Venice on Canon has a very casual, romantic atmosphere and pretty good pizza and pasta.

          If you are new to fish tacos, try out Happy Hour at the Oyster Bar at The Brigantine, be sure to ask for the white sauce (ranch dressing) and cheese on side or left off completely. Tuesday night is Taco Tuesday/$2.00 tacos all night.

          I believe the Chargers are at Seattle this weekend so you should not have a problem finding the game on tv.

          Another casual, lively, new, locals place is La Playa Bistro on the corner of Talbot and Rosecrans. Fresh seasonal ingredients, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

          If you have a car, drive through Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, up to the top of Point Loma and check out Cabrillo National Monument Park with the old Point Loma Lighthouse and amazing 360 degree views of the pacific, mountains, bays, downtown and Mexico. Small fee to enter park.

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            1. re: Beach Chick

              OH! And I almost forgot a BC/FC fave: Mai Tai's and apps and the newly renovated Bali Hai. Sit outside with killer views of the bay and SD. No fruit juice in those Mai Tai's, so walk back to your hotel.

              Bali Hai Restaurant
              2230 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92106

              1. re: foodiechick

                Gotta love those wickedly strong mai tais that are BC/FC approved...sometimes I ask for a guava juice floater..
                Went by La Playa bistro last night and the all the windows were open and it was packed!
                The new clubhouse at the SWYC is gorgeous!

            2. re: foodiechick

              Confirming that the Chargers game is on TV in SD.. They're playing an away game; Seattle. Pizza Port in OB could be a great place to watch the game. Never been but I've watched many a sports event at my local PP in Solana Beach. Awesome beer selection, though mediocre pizza.

            3. I will second/third many of the recommendations listed above and add a couple.
              1.) First, the Pearl has an interesting layout/design and very good food.
              2.) Jimmy's has a great view, especially from the patio and pretty good, if not very creative food.
              3.) Point Loma Seafoods has a fun atmosphere, is right on the water and has the best clam chowder in San Diego. I like the scallop sandwich but am always turned off by the white bread it's served on.
              I'll also add:
              1.) Pizza Nova: It's good solid fare right on the water and I think the food is better than Old Venice. I think lately, it's been a bit overshadowed by Jimmy's patio.
              2.) Con Pane Bakery. It's moved to Liberty Station, but is still serving the best sandwiches in San Diego and wonderful artisan breads and killer cinnamon rolls.
              3.) Tender Greens: Also in Liberty Station, what's not to love? Fresh, fresh, fresh, salads, sandwiches and plates. I would like to see some less acidic dressings on the menu and the pastries are a bit sweet for my tastes, but everything else I have ever had there has been a A+++.

              Point Loma Seafoods
              2805 Emerson St, San Diego, CA 92106

              Pizza Nova
              5050 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92106

              Tender Greens
              2400 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106