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Sep 25, 2010 03:41 PM

Looking for "Hot 'n Spicy" Place for Parents' 40th Anniversary

And by 'hot and spicy', I mean the food! This is my elderly parents we're talking about here! ;)

So, I'd really appreciate a recommendation for a mid- to high-end restaurant for my parents' 40th.

Unfortunately, their palates and tastes have been numbed somewhat by a lifetime of hot Panjabi food. So I'm looking for somewhere that serves food that is quite spicy and 'intense', but *isn't* Indian. (They're both excellent cooks and are generally unimpressed by places like Host or Dhaba.) Bit of a tough one, I know. I've thought about Lai Toh Heen and Frida, but am unsure if they'll truly be excited about either.

Any thoughts? Hoping for a place near Yorkville as we're taking them to the Park Hyatt Rooftop for a drink first.

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