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Sep 25, 2010 12:02 PM

csa convenient for eastern queens

I live in Bayside Queens. I'd love to get involved in a csa but can only find ones in brooklyn, which makes pick ups a pretty big pain. Isnt there any csa's convenient to flushing/ eastern queens? Thanks!

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  1. Hi---we are members of the Golden Earthworm CSA in Forest Hills (which is pretty East as far as Queens goes, and is definitely closer than Brooklyn).

    Here are the various Golden Earthworm pick up locations (looks like there's one in Douglaston, which is maybe closer?):

    This is only our second year, so I don't have much to compare it to, but we are happy with it... In addition to organic vegetables, you can sign up for fruit, and order naturalish eggs/meats from their associated farms, too.

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      Thanks JRogan, I just signed up for their emails. It looks like they arent taking any new members until November. The one in Douglaston is very close to me= in fact, I had always thought the place it is at- Alley Pond, was in Bayside. Right on the border.

      I'm really excited to start with them, assuming I'm "accepted"- not sure how many slots are available or how many new members they are "accepting".

    2. I'm a member of the Golden Earthworm CSA in is in fact at Alley Ponds Environmental Center on Northern Blvd...we've been members from the start and it's a great CSA, though I do feel that others have more variety. It's been a learning process for the farmers as well and they really do appreciate and take into consideration the feedback members provide.

      The Douglaston location does not offer the eggs/meats from the Lewis Waite farm, which I believe is what JRogan is referring to, but we do get the fruit shares.

      They started a winter share two years ago so that will be the sign up in November. For summer, sign up is pretty early and it fills up fast. They have more applicants than space.

      1. I second (or third, or fourth) Golden Earthworm CSA. The produce is wonderful, the people are great, and the Alley Pond Park location is very convenient (I'm in Bayside, too). There are pick-your-own strawberries in June, and the farmers have a harvest festival in October, so you get to meet the guys who grow your food!