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Sep 25, 2010 10:28 AM

Otis BBQ in Englishtown

This post is long overdue.. ate here about a month ago. It's situated inside "Golden Bagel", which is in Franklin Plaza at corner of Union Hill Road and 557 Englishtown Road. "Otis BBQ" also runs a truck at Englishtown flea market down the road.

I had the pork ribs. Nice smoky flavor. Didn't have the pulled pork, but I want to get back there to try it. They also had brisket, ribs, chicken. Oh yeah, had the chicken, too, which was excellent. I have a menu somewhere.

No website. Otis' son behind the counter. Prices were very reasonable.

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  1. Nice find, i think I will try and hit this up Saturday Afternoon. I need to BBQ redemption after eating some disappointing bbq at the Harvest Speciality deli on 130.

    1. i went there to day had the ribs and brisket.
      i must say the brisket was very bland no smoke flavor and tasteless.
      the ribs on the other hand were very good had them plain and with otis's bbq sauce the plain was much better.

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      1. re: ecartman

        I ate there today. I had the bbq chicken and the ribs. The chicken was really good. The ribs had that crispy mesqutie flavored outside , which I enjoyed. The ribs were a little on the fatty side. All in all I liked it and will probably be back to try other things on the menu.

          1. re: yCf

            the ribs are smokey good taste bought 8 ribs cost $12.50 but they are pretty big.

      2. they have specials right now. 3 ribs with rice or fries for $4. Or u can get a 1/2 chicken with fries or rice for $4. Awesome deal. I had the chicken for lunch today.

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