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Sep 25, 2010 09:26 AM

Taste of North Park

2nd annual. Anyone every been to this or taste of at other locations? Worth it or waste of time mob scene?

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  1. I enjoyed Taste of Adams last year. There were a lot of people but it was not difficult to get food or drinks at most places - maybe 5 minutes wait at most.

    What annoyed me was that some places (Burger Lounge for one) ran out of food towards the end.

    1. Interested to hear opinions on this as well...we are considering doing the Taste Of thing and then probably hanging out at Toronado or Ritual afterwards. What is the deal with the art galleries being included, are they serving small bites of food or something?

      1. I went last year. It was a fun day - although it should be called "drink of North Park" as there was more alcohol than food.

        Art galleries and retail outlets serve donated beer / wine - I'd say 90% local.

        Bars serve a signature drink

        Restaurants served a signature dish or two. Last year we hit about 50% of the places and were more than full and exceptionally drunk.

        We'll go this year. It supports a good cause and it's in the neighborhood.

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          Oh that's funny. Sounds like an entertaining day.
          I'm not that familiar with the area as far as distance between places. Do they give you a map and are all within walking distance to each other?
          Can you suggest some that are must try locations and others that are worth skipping?

        2. Heh, it's funny that this is getting mention, while the monthly tasting "30th on 30th" is not. If you want to try out some really good food, I would check that out instead to be honest- seems far less commercialized, and probably less crowded as well.

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            30th on 30th is WONDERFUL. This is different however, as it is a fundraiser for the BID while 30th is just a good excuse to get out and celebrate the neighborhood with the neighbors.

            1. re: Ewilensky

              Ah, okay- I didn't see on their website anywhere that it was a fundraiser- what is BID?

              1. re: imrahil327

                BID is a Business Improvement District which has been responsible for the improvements in North Park. The manage the parades, the street fairs, maintain lighting, street signs, manage the permits for the farmer's market, graffiti removal, etc... Taste of North Park is one of their fundraisers.

            2. re: imrahil327

              30th on 30th is very Hit-n-miss, we have done it numerous times, and nowhere near this many locations participate. Taste of North Park seems like a great chance to visit places that don't normally do the 30th on 30th thing, as well as some galleries.

            3. My girlfriend was going over the lineup and noticed that El Comal is participating. I will finally get to try that place....I never remember it when we are out and about looking for something new in North Park.

              The tickets for Taste of North Park are $30 in advance, $35 day-of. However, if you get the tickets in advance on the internet, you get charged a $3/ticket fee negating any deal. I think you can get tickets in advance at Toronado and Mosaic.

              El Comal
              262 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910