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Sep 25, 2010 08:06 AM

Good dinner near airport on Monday

A friend has a layover at Philly airport Monday evening. Any recommendations for a good restaurant near there (say within 15-20 min drive at most)? Price/cuisine not important. Thanks!

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  1. There really isn't anything near the airport, good bad or otherwise. You will have to trek into the city, so check the recommendations for Philly.

    1. How long is the layover? As truffles2 says, there isn't much down there, if you want something decent you'll have to drive to the city. And of course your friend will have to go back through the security check afterwards, further limiting their available time.

      1. L'Angolo might fit the bill - Porter St just off Broad St. Take 291 instead of 95 and it should be a quick trip.
        Then there are other old school Italian restaurants in that area too. Maybe some of the East Passyunk places too.

        1. Ended up going to Bistro La Minette (South Street district), which according to Google was 17 minutes drive from the airport.

          At 8:45PM on a rainy Monday we litterally had the restaurant to ourselves (there was one other table occupied when we arrived). Parking was easy in the public lot ~1 block behind the restaurant.

          La Minette is still serving their Restaurant Week menu and it was excellent. Unlike a lot of RW offerings, this didn't seem to be a poor man's version of their regular menu. We tried all the items, and they were all great. They were also not small dishes and the 3 courses completely satisfied us (the size of the brulee made us laugh considering how stuffed we were!).

          Salmon tartar with lentils and blood orange vinaigrette

          Pea soup with bacon -- succulent bits of bacon floating in a silky pea soup--more proof, if you needed it, that bacon makes everything better!

          Trout, fingerling potatoes, green beans, toasted almonds -- a huge dish, with 3 or 4 fillets, perfectly crisped skin

          Chicken breast stuffed with julienned vegetables, potato puree -- moist, lovely crisp skin, and the stuffing was a surprise inside that took it to the next level (Julia Child would have liked this dish and I'm going to have to figure out how to stuff a breast so perfectly at home)

          Vanilla creme brulee -- as mentioned, definitely a worthy brulee, size-wise

          Molten chocolate cake with raspberries and vanilla ice cream -- nice, but probably the least interesting dish we had

          And, as apparently is their wont, there was also an amuse bouche (cheesie puff pastry) at the start, and chocolates at the end of the meal. The bread (and soft butter!--hard butter is a pet peeve) was also particularly good.

          House white and reds were serviceable.

          For my first time there, and for a restaurant week menu (which often leave me feeling cheated), I was very impressed. Definitely going to return and try their a la carte menu. Also, it was very relaxing to dine late on a quiet Monday with easy parking (they are open to 10:30PM and we stayed to 11, which wasn't a problem). Beautiful bistro-ey interior.

          For my first month in Philly, I've been blown away by the food here! (Amada, La Bec Fin, Smoke Daddy's, Matyson, Bibou, Cuba Libre, Bistro La Minette, Lai Lai Brothers...looking forward to Blackfish's venison tasting menu next week...)

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            Forgot to mention that dining at 9PM on a Monday (actually Mon-Sat) is also worth 1000 points on ($10!).

            1. re: Tir_na_nOg

              Good choice. Did it really only take you 17 minutes to drive from PHL to 6th & Bainbridge? What route did you take?

              This opens up a lot of great possibilities for the frequently asked questions about dining near the airport.

              1. re: barryg

                That's what Google predicted. It was certainly less than 30, but can't say exactly. Close enough and good enough to be a great late night option, but rush hour might be a different thing.