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Is there ANY good Sushi in CT???

Moved to Fairfield from NYC few years ago and have not found any great sushi..ANY recs would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. I've always been happy with the selection and quality of the fish at Wasabi in Orange. I don't know if its the best in Ct. but I find it to be very good with friendly staff.

    1. There's decent sushi, but none that approaches the quality of what you'd find in NYC.

      I've had good sushi at Kotobuki in Stamford. They're more of a "purist" sushi joint: you won't find 3 pages of fusion rolls there, but fish quality is usually pretty good, and their sushi rice is also decent.

      Kazu and Wasabi Chi in South Norwalk have been pretty good also. I've also heard good things about Bond on the Post Rd in Norwalk, but I haven't been. They bill themselves as an Asian Bistro; take from that what you will.

      In Fairfield itself, Fin is the standard bearer, but I consider them a notch below Kotobuki.

      Asian Bistro
      95 Storrs Rd Ste 7, Willimantic, CT 06226

      Wasabi Chi
      86 Washington St, Norwalk, CT 06854

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        I LOVE Bond on the Post Rd. in Norwalk, but appear to be the only person to admit that publicly on this board. ;)

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          Kotobuki is quite good, but generally don't think the salmon is good - something about the way they cut it makes it tough. We have a great repoire with a certain server who knows us well and always tells us what is good that night. Plien is right that is a bit more standard - don't go expecting tons of exciting combinations, just good fish.

          I have only been to Fin in Ffld once, but I thought the quality was very good. But, like I said, only been there once.

        2. I always go to Kira Sushi in Greenwich - it's consistently good so I can put off going into Manhattan for sushi if I just want some tuna or yellowtail. The downside is they won't have the unusual offerings or the wide variety of dishes you get in the city.

          1. I haven't found a place in CT as good as my faves in NYC, but I think Tengda in Greenwich is good.

            1. Kira is my favorite that I've tried.
              Fin and Tengda second.
              I was extremely unimpressed with Kazu - I thought the rolls were extremely unbalanced (ratio of rice to interior was all wrong). Fish seemed fine though.

              1. Try Kiku Sushi on Hope Street in Stamford. It's definitely our favorite in the area.

                1. I just tried Kotobuki in Stamford, and I have to say - it did not disappoint. I was looking for a place that had good sushi, not rolls...just good fresh fish. We asked the waiter what was fresh (as I saw recommended on the board) and he was really honest. We had a great dinner. Fresh toro, yellowtail, king salmon, uni and white tuna. We will definitely go back! I'm not sure if a previous poster on the thread had the king salmon or regular salmon - but the king salmon was great. I'm happy we finally found a good sushi place after looking for over a year.

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                    Hi Cristenv - I think you might be referring to me. Yes, I've had the king salmon and it is good (much better than the regular salmon), but even so I've a few times had a problem with the cut style.... I wonder if you had our server - Shamim - he is great. I should have mentioned that the Yellowtail is usually GREAT there, and it might just be my favorite fish :-)

                    I am so glad that you went and had a good experience! :-)

                  2. Has anyone tried Norimaki in Washington Depot, CT?

                    1. Not a sushi snob by any means but I do like Sushi. I've always liked Kazu in Norwalk which is mentioned several times in the post. I was unimpressed with Fin. My current favorite in Fairfield (the town - not the county) is Kobis Steakhouse on Post Road. Yes it's a hibachi steakhouse - and I've done that a few times and like that as well - but it is also my favorite Sushi lunch takeout place. I've had it a few times in the last few months and it's been very good. Also I am not a big miso soup fan - and with the lunch special you can swap out the Onion Mushroom soup instead.

                      1. Wasabi Chi in South Norwalk is very good.

                        Wasabi Chi
                        86 Washington St, Norwalk, CT 06854

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                          I agree with Pajacobs about Kazu in South Norwalk: very good for CT sushi. Not as good as NYC sushi of course but it's the best I've found in the area.

                        2. I'm not a sushi fanatic, but my son who is, says he enjoys Hanami in Clinton and Samurai in Old Saybrook.

                          1. I really love Miso in New Haven on Orange Street. I would recommend a reservation if you are going on a weekend.

                            1. I have eaten a couple times at FIN in Stamford, and it was really good. Also, Bond in Norwalk has good food and service, it just gets a bit loud with all the kids since there is a hibachi area as well. I just sit up at the sushi bar which is great. Tengda in Greenwich is also a good option.

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                                THANK YOU re Bond. I thought I was the only one! I've always enjoyed myself at their sushi bar as well.

                              2. Singapore Grill in New London is pretty great, you wouldn't guess it from the decor but I've had some quality stuff there.

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                                  +1 for Fin II in Stamford. Atmosphere isn't anything special but the fish is always very fresh.

                                  We recently tried Kokoro in Greenwich which had a more asian fusian style menu and hip atmosphere. It was good but pricey.