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Sep 25, 2010 04:22 AM

I can't live another minute without trying..

On a recent Anthony Bourdain, he is served a plate which included wild asparagus. Where can I find this, even in the wild? And what is the thing you are really hoping to try soon?

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  1. I read the following article recently and have been trying to figure out where in the hell I'm gonna get a taste of caribou ever since:

    In fairness, however, the same thing pretty much happens every time I read about or otherwise become informed of something to eat or drink that I have never had, cannot find, and/or cannot afford. Frankly, your post made me want to go look into getting wild asparagus.

    Now I'm hungry. . . .

    1. It's my understanding that in some parts of the American South, (AL, MS, GA) wild asparagus still grows. Wouldn't know how to go about finding it there, though. I'm trying to come up with the name of a website that offers unusual and hard-to-find veggies and spices, but am drawing a blank. When I do remember it, I'll post it.
      Meanwhile, what I want is Kobe beef. I've had Kobe-style beef, and Kobe-bred beef, and both were delicious, but it wasn't true Kobe since we weren't in Japan, and that's one of the requirements for it to be bonafide. I'd only eat it once (it's a political thing with me, sort of like veal and foie gras) but I would certainly like to try it.

      1. I will post as Euell Gibbons, but not serious
        In his quest for elusive wild 'sparagus.
        He empowered great many as he simply gave strength to the strive
        For foods that were natural, and wild things were edible
        He was such a great force in his time.

        But in terms of asparagus must say, it's a genome that gardeners well bred and well played.
        That one in the store beats the wild one for shore for its taste and its crunch and its crispness.

        I remember the first time I seen it, with its sweet flowers waving in wind.
        It was surely a Lily by its bell-shaped sweet flowers, but those laced fronds gave pause and good quiz.

        Nowadays we plant deeply the cultivared roots
        that will send up those crisp crunchy shoots.
        As the summer makes long, the asparagus takes on, a friendly and frondy type wildness.

        All respect to old Euell, who was just such a jewel of plant knowledge and personal kindness