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Sep 24, 2010 11:51 PM

Orlando Thanksgiving Recommendations

I'll be visiting the Orlando area for Thanksgiving this year. Does anyone have recommendations on somewhere nice to celebrate Thanksgiving?

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  1. I guess the first step would be to find out which restaurants are open. Some of the independently owned places may be closed.

    Secondly are you looking for fine dining or more family type restaurant. Any type of cuisine you were looking for? Did you want something that felt like thanksgiving?

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    1. re: Sandwich_Sister

      I'm really looking for someplace to have a real Thanksgiving meal...turkey and all the trimmings....Southern style would be even better.

      1. re: michele_corum

        I think you may have to do some research and call around and ask who is open on Thanksgiving.

        I would check both of our local soul food/ southern food places.

        Mama Nems -

        Johnson's Diner -

        You can just call them up and ask.

        Johnson's Diner
        595 W Church St Ste E, Orlando, FL 32805

        1. re: Sandwich_Sister

          Awesome! Exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks!

          1. re: Sandwich_Sister


            thats the correct weblink for mama nems in orlando, the one linked above isnt the one in orlando

      2. Michelle, Generally nearly all local restaurants are closed for Thanksgiving and nearly all tourist-corridor restaurants are open. Every decent hotel in town has both a grand buffet in one restaurant and an a la carte Thanksgiving menu in another. There's a chance some Sand Lake Row restaurants may be open since they cater to both locals and visitors, but none regularly has menus that would lend themselves to a traditional Thanksgiving meal (that I can think of). Try Vine's, maybe, and Chatham's, as they have American menus. I'll post others if I can think of them. Check my website now and then because I post which restaurants are open for which holidays. I haven't received any notifications yet.

        1. i recently got news about the rosen hotels doing a thanksgiving feast thing , let me see if i can find it