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Sep 24, 2010 11:00 PM

What's the best frosting to use sanding sugar with?

I'm trying to make a cake sparkle. I'm not so concerned about the texture of the cake (meaning - crunchy!) as I am that it sparkles! I bought clear sanding sugar and silver, edible glitter. I need it to hold up for several hours and was thinking trying it with buttercream, but wasn't sure if that would hold up or not... any thoughts? Would whipped cream frosting work too?

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  1. I'm not such a fan of icing. It's overly sweet and potentially gloppy to me so the Idea of adding sugar to it is really over the top.

    Why not spread some soft butter (the "wet" ingredient in buttercream) on a plate, a piece of toast or whatever and sprinkling sugar on half and glitter on the other? You could check it over time and see which effect you prefer. I'm thinking the sugar could melt (altho sanding sugar is more coarse so it could take a long time for it to happen). I'm not sure about the glitter -- I've only used it on cookies on royal icing which dries quickly so there's no danger of it melting anything.

    Whichever. I'm thinking the flavor would be better with the glitter. At least to my taste.

    1. sanding sugar will make the cake sparkle - you can use it with either buttercream or royal icing - either are just as good. sanding sugar has large sugar crystals so they reflect the light (sparkle) and they won't melt on your icing. I amusing white sanding sugar on my Christmas cake this year to make the snow "sparkle". Good luck