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Sep 24, 2010 08:27 PM


Tried them for supper tonight. Love the space. Thought the service was mostly good. Food, though, was thoroughly unimpressive.

Started with savory goat cheescake. It was really bland, and way fluffy. I was really hungry, and could only eat 1/4 of it before becoming thoroughly bored with it.

I was especially looking forward to porchetta, which they seem to be positioning as their signature dish. I liked the flavor and the crispy skin, but it was incredibly gristly. I had to ask for a side plate to have somewhere to put the 50% of each bite that I couldn't break up by chewing or swallow. Again, could only stand to do that for about 1/4 of the dish.

The one notable lapse in service was a total failure to inquire after two 1/4 eaten plates.

I'm sure I'll try them again some time, but it won't be until I've read lots of favorable reports of the food.


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  1. Yikes. I've not even heard of this restaurant. Where is it, Not the Bad?

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      1. re: firecracker

        Harbor Steps. New effort by Matt Janke, of Matt's in the Market fame. Just West of Tully's, in the space of the closed Japanese restaurant.

        1. re: not the bad Steve

          Ack, thanks Steve! I included that detail in my earlier post, but it somehow didn't make it (damn iPad)....

          I'm planning to stop by for happy hour this week and will be sure to report back.

      2. Wife and I had dinner here on Saturday. There was a good sized crowd, in the pleasant windowed room.
        The service was prompt, thoughtful. We had a wonderful duck comfit with a cherry flavored addition that made it very interesting.
        I had porchetta which was juicy, flavorful, and without the gristle experienced by NTBS. I really enjoyed it, and its accompaniment of beans and turnip. Full of flavor....very tasty.
        My wife had the pasta with wild mushrooms, and it too was full of flavor, extremely well done.
        Wine list was broad and very fairly priced.
        We'll go again, and soon!

        1. Went last night. Octopus with chickpeas to start were great. Porchetta was good and roast chicken was lovely - but the sides were even better. Loved the white beans with the porchetta, and especially the faro and braised greens with the chicken. Choice of chocolate torte or pot de creme for dessert felt like phoning it in so we passed (where's the bread pudding, Matt?)

          Service needs a bit of work - host station was solicitous but servers were new or temporary and glasses went empty - but these are typical teething issues.

          The restaurant it replaced (Koji Osakaya) was truly terrible, so this is a great addition to the neighborhood. Look forward to what they can do when they hit their full stride. (Of note, the happy hour menu looked fantastic...)

          1. Stopped by for lunch yesterday with some colleagues. Between the three of us, we had the homemade sausage with lentils, beet salad with mozz & squash soup of the day, and the fnblt: BLT with soft-boiled egg.
            Portions were great, prices were reasonable and we all practically licked our plates (always a good sign). We drooled over the bread other tables had though...probably was not complimentary, but we would've gladly ordered it had it been offered.
            We were in and out in about an hour, yet still had time to hear why Matt never has espresso in his restaurants....

            We plan to return for happy hour soon!

            1. disappointing experience. Food itself is lackluster & commonplace in yet another of these 'trendy' spots...same items on this menu that you'll find on any menu of this ilk anywhere in Seattle. Ho Hum.

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              1. re: staffstuff

                Sadly, I have to agree with NTBS, staffstuff, and others who had a less than stellar experience. I was looking forward to trying Lecosho because of Matt Janke's previous spot (Matt's in the Market). Plus I liked the idea of a place that specializes in pig. So it was with a lot of anticipation that I stepped through the door last night. OK, so the guy in the front decided to answer the phone and have a brief conversation instead of asking the caller to hold and greeting us. At that point we were just happy to be in out of the cold. I'll ignore that. I was there for their famous porchetta, which at least one review has said is their signature dish.

                This is where the disappointment set in. It was overcooked and dry. Cutting through the outer part of the pork belly was like trying to slice through a belt. It was also underseasoned, and Lecosho is the kind of place that does not entrust its diners with salt and pepper. Not that it could have saved this dish. True, I could have sent it back, but my wife's dish had arrived and I knew it would be 20 minutes to cook the dish again. My question - why was it sent out to begin with?

                So much for high hopes. There are simply too many other restaurants out there for me to be able to give a place like this a second chance after an experience such as this. I do wish them well.

                1. re: Jeffo405

                  We went to Lecosho the first time tonight and were very impressed. I had one of the night's specials--pan-fried trout with haricot vert. The trout was filleted, but with the tail and head still on, and perfectly cooked with a butter sauce and really wonderful whole marcona almonds. My husband dined off the appetizer menu. He was happy with his steamed mussels in a fennel-flavored broth--the mussels were huge and flavorful. And he scored on his smoked catfish salad with peaches. The juicy peach chunks perfectly offset the richness of the smoked fish. We were too full to order two desserts so we split a chocolate torte. It was delicious--far from the usual dense cake, this torte had a crisp'ish, brownie-like top, and a light, melt-in-your mouth center, intensely chocolate flavored. Served with the usual schlag. Service was great. Our waiter saved us $3 (the price of bread) by informing us that the mussels came with plenty of bread--several slices of a delicious baguette that was enough for two to share. Perhaps the restaurant has found its sea legs so to speak since the last review on this thread.

                  1. re: PAO

                    I went here in June, I think. Had the porchetta, which seemed more like what one reads about being served at trucks in Italy than say, what Salumi serves. There was an honest gaminess to the skin which I appreciated, and the interior was moist and tender. Like terrier, I liked the octopus and chickpeas (to be fair, I almost always like any version of this dish). My companions seemed to like what they had: pork chop and steak. Similar price point to Sitka and Spruce, though a longer, more static Northwest menu with a meatier focus of course. A good addition to the area, though, lacking any exceptional creativity that might make it a destination I am anxious to return too.

                    309 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104