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Sep 24, 2010 07:59 PM

NY Fried Chicken in NC

I'm from down south, NC . Someone opened a NY Fried Chicken place in my town. It is the best chicken and cheap prices!!!! Anyone know how the chicken is fixed, what spices are used? I know it is a pressure fryer, not an open fryer. The outside of the chicken is not fried hard. I guess they cook it at a lower temp. for a longer time. The chicken wings are so tender, you can pull out the bones and just eat the meat. 5 wings, fries and a can of soda for $5.99 :) :) :) :) There is a large selection to pick from: Chicken Boxes, Chicken w. Fries, Chicken only, Burgers and subs, Seafood, chicken nuggets only, Italian Chicken Tenders, Hot wings, Boneless Hot wings, Chicken Wings only, side orders and Ice cream. Oh My Goodness the chicken is good. :) :) :) :) :)

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  1. We don't have such a thing as NY Friend Chicken the way we do, say, NY Pizza.

    We do have a couple fried chicken trends, like Korean, and comfort food trying to emulate Southern styles, but neither are standard preparation or what you're looking for. Chicken and Waffles are a popular combo in some Harlem establishments, and rotisserie roaster chickens are pretty abundant, but the prep and spicing is entirely individual to the person making it. Now if you asked for the ingredients and prep of an egg cream, that we could help you with, but fried chicken? to ask the owners of the place in NC what the scoop is.

    1. The only NY style fried chicken I can think of is the Kennedy Fried Chicken chain which is something of a Kentucky Fried Chicken knockoff

      There are many locations, it is surprisingly good for what it is. Not sure if the place you speak of emulates this though.

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        What makes it "NY style fried chicken" though?

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          Well it is the only fried chicken I know of based in NYC. While it started as a rip off on Kentucky Fried Chicken it became something different. The same way Pizza originated in Italy (well sort of ) and became something else in New York City. I have never heard it called NYC style but that is the only thing I could think of and was trying to help the original poster out.

          Kennedy is a bit different than true southern fried.

      2. New York City or New York State? these are two different places.

        the only NY chicken I've ever heard of is the process before they get turned into Buffalo Wings. essentially dredged not breaded and partially fried (in a stew pot) and then either spiced up or not and finished in the oven.

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          It may be based on Kennedy Fried Chicken, I'll ask next time I go in. It taste like no other fried chicken I've ever eaten. Seasoned and fried just right.