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Cocktail supplies in San Diego : bitters, liqueurs, etc

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Where is your go-to place in San Diego where I can get interesting liqueurs, bitters, and other ingredients for classic and experimental cocktails? As an example, I recently had a cocktail with Cocchi Americano in it and would love to try making that at home.

Bitters I can order online I suppose, but it's always fun to browse in person or have a knowledgeable store owner or staff person to talk to about these things.

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  1. BevMo (dot com to find a location close to you.)

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      Thanks -- I can get some things from BevMo (and I do) but I was looking for something maybe smaller or more specialty.

      Also, it's nice to have a conversation with the owner, which is sometimes hit (with great results) or miss (with much confusion).

      1. re: asarwate

        Your best bet may be Holiday Liquors in Escondido. They've got a pretty extensive selection of liquors plus their staff is pretty knowledgable.

        BevMo is good for everyday needs but they don't really have much in the way of specialty cocktail ingredients