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Sep 24, 2010 04:37 PM

Review: Gentleman Farmer

Three of us had dinner at Gentleman Farmer last night. It's a new-ish place on the LES, on Rivington near Forsyth. The place is small--I counted maybe 20 seats and at 8:00 it was totally full. It's very cozy and the lighting is warm. There isn't much clearance between you and the next table but, well, what restaurant in the East Village or LES isn't like that?

Bread came out accompanied by two condiments--a very creamy butter (we were told that it was from an upstate creamery--it was great) and pico de gallo. The pico was an interesting touch and I liked it (but I like the butter more).

For the apps we had a lentil salad with bacon which wasn't too heavy and had a nice balance. We also had the venison sausage with blueberry reduction which was excellent, on the heavy and flavorful side (read: gamy). Luckily we all like venison, lamb, etc. but if that's not your thing then I'd choose something else. People around us had the pate and seemed to love it.

The main courses were rabbit stew, smoked duck breast, and pork loin. The duck to me was the standout, very juicy and thick and the fat was perfectly rendered. And the smokey taste perfectly complimented its sweet peppery sauce. I also liked the pork loin--juicy with a sweet onion compote on top. The rabbit stew was very rich but not quite salty enough for me; however, one other diner liked it the best.

For dessert we had a pecan tart and creme brulee. The creme brulee was a standout--very creamy, just the right sweetness, and the crust was perfect.

We also drank two bottles of cote de brouilly which were good and a reasonable pick in the $40 range. The wine director was there, and she was very helpful in picking a wine without added sulfites (one of us has a sensitivity to them).

The total was about $200 which is reasonable for three people with two bottles of wine. I'd definitely go back.

Gentleman Farmer
40 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

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  1. Been meaning to go here... Great review, thanks for that. Will definitely check this place out.

    1. Sounds like an great place based on yours and this week's New Yorker review.
      Anyone with recent experience here?

      1. Just went to this place for dinner last night. The restaurant was tiiiiiiiny, but really charming and the service staff very friendly. The place was packed with a Friday night dining crowd of mixed ages.

        We ordered the Octopus salad, Curried Snails, Ostrich Steak, Venison Bourguignon, and Creme Brulee. I found out that I wasn't into the Venison Bourguignon because I much preferred a medium-rare/rare venison, but everything else we got was just delicious!

        I especially enjoyed the Curried Snails (better than Benoit's snails) and the Ostrich Steak. The ostrich's texture was extremely similar to beef, but had a unique flavor that I liked. The accompanying potato gratin and the prosciutto-wrapped haricot verts were excellent as well.

        Portion sizes here were quite generous, making this restaurant great value for the money. I would definitely return to try more things on the menu. Recommended! If only for the ostrich!

        This place only takes American Express or cash, by the way.

        Photos of our dinner:

        Gentleman Farmer
        40 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

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        1. re: Cheeryvisage

          Cheeryvisage, since I love game meat, after I had read your review I dined at Gentleman Farmer tonight and loved it!

          I ordered 'Pheasant Pate', which was not really pate but kind of pheasant & brie cheese gratin, and it was fairly good! 'Wild Boar Chop' had two succulent wild boar sausage links and wild boar chop, which were also perfectly cooked and very tasty. 'Chocolate Mousse' was also delicious with lots of dark chocolate and whipped cream mixed together.

          Like you said, my server (young gentleman who I think is probably the owner?) was very friendly and efficient.

          Thanks for the good info! :)

          1. re: kosmose7

            No problem. Glad you enjoyed the restaurant. It may not be well-known, but it sure has some really interesting and unique dishes. What a gem.