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Sep 24, 2010 04:35 PM

Bermuda - Rumour has it...

That the old Harbourfront space on Front St. will be opening as a new French Bistro with a rooftop bar area. Jean Claude (from Lemon Tree and Beau Rivage) is apparently the champion of this effort.

Oh drool...and after just returning from a trip with a weekend in Paris eating at bistros....I hope they put bone marrow on the menu...but then again, I'm being overly ambitious in my dreams.

Keeping fingers crossed it will open soon but peering into the space, looks like it could be another month given the way construction moves on this island.

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  1. As long as it's not Italian or yet another sushi joint I will be happy.

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    1. re: Athena

      My sentiments exactly. Enough with the mediocre Italian food...

    2. I have heard the same....Also Primavera will be no more after the New Year it seems there are some great plans to reinvent it as a Premier Bermuda Seafood Restaurant, which I for one am looking forward to what it can be!

      Talking about mediocre food we were at Harbourfront last week with some friends and they brought to the table an amuse bouche, which would have been a nice touch and jester if it wasn’t a fried piece of shrimp and spring roll (that you can get at any grocery store or from any catering company). If you are going to do something do it right, don’t insult the diners. Not to mention the service was way tooooo slow. What is going on with the restaurants in Bermuda? This is one of many reasons I prefer to dine at home and host house parties

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      1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

        Latest has it that it'll open next week. I for one will be glad if they reinvent it into something that is not already over saturated (like Italian and sushi).

        Funny enough, in the opinion pages of the Royal Gazette, there was a writer complaining about the standards at restaurants. I whole heartedly agree with you that Harbourfront service has gone horribly downhill (as has the quality of the food). When you have to wait 20 minutes for your bill and they mess up your food order and your bill, something is wrong (given the price you're paying). And that's why I tend to patronize places where I know the service is good (but then again, it's probably because I know most of the staff by that point).

        1. re: bdachow

          I once waited an hour for a bill. If that ever happens again, I will leave my business card and a note to come to me if they want to be paid, and leave..really, come on.

          1. re: bdachow

            The Beluga Bar opens soon in Washington Mall...the restaurant will be in the same location just a major revamp...I can't wait to see them both.

            We need something new and exciting...I am tired of just plan tired of crappy food and service

            1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

              Is that the new part of Washington Mall?

              Maybe we need something like Cuban paladeres here - because we know the best food in Bermuda is in our homes. I always feel bad for people who come and stay in hotels and have to go to restaurants and leave never knowing that there is great food here.

              1. re: Athena

                Yes, it's in the new phase 3 part.

                I had a recent discussion about the dismal state of dining, the problem is that the imported help for the most part isn't used to high end dining and so have no idea how to deal with service issues. And the restaurants are just as culpable in not giving them the appropriate training. When you pay the prices we do, dang, the service had better be spotless seeing as the grats are automatic.

                My vote is for decent Asian or Latin food. Chopsticks?!?! Please...Rosa's?!?!? Please again. And don't get me started on the paella at Latin.

                Sorry about that...I totally agree with Athena though, best home. And BGG, you gotta admit, your fish can't get any fresher than what you can get at home.

        2. Walked past again today...nope, definitely not opening anytime soon. My guess is another couple of weeks at least. Like watching paint dry....

          1. Drove past last night and they are now open. Popped my head in the door at lunch today, they have a breakfast menu with coffees and goodies, took a peek at the menu and it's rather small and precise. The Croque Monsieur caught my eye as well as a smoked salmon sandwich. Prices...typical Bermuda. I believe the croque was around $14. They have daily specials as well. Rooftop bar will be open in the evenings.

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            1. re: bdachow

              Going out Wednesday night so will stop by both new places and check them out and report back!!

              1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                Sorry BGG, sent a scout, Beluga is still not open yet. He says thinks another month of work or so.

            2. It is in fact not the old Harbourfront site but rather the former Solomon Jeweller building and yes, it is now open! Jean Claude is involved but not the driving force. There is a chef in place who changes his menu daily. Kitchen facilities are small but he is putting out some great dishes: think bistro rather than restaurant. Excellent soups, sautes, fish, steak, and lighter fare for easy lunches. The rooftop bar is a great place and will certainly challenge other happy hour venues. Space is limited however making Muse feel cosy and full of friends!

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              1. re: hungryhog

                We will not be eating there (tonight) but will go for a cocktail before dinner and then maybe hit the Beluga bar after for a night cap. I do want to eat at both because it is something different and new and not ITALIAN! I like tha fact the menu changes for the Beluga bar, I am not sure if anyone remembers Bermuda Original Sushi Chef...SAMMY? (Marriott days)
                Well if you, he is back at the Beluga bar.

                1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                  BGG, that's fantastic news about Sammy! Really missed him after he left Yashi's. I didn't realize that Beluga Bar was open as well. I am planning on hitting Muse this evening for a cocktail and trying a nibble or two off the menu. Maybe I'll run into you there!

                  HH, I stand corrected. It's been so long since I've traversed the long narrow hallway that led up to Harbourfront. That's interesting about Jean Claude. I understand that Muse is part of the Port O Call group. I'm happy that they are expanding beyond the usual choices of sushi or Italian that the island keeps offering.

                  1. re: bdachow

                    ...and it's not part of the Port O Call group either. Independent! There are some private investors who wanted to do something a little different.

                    1. re: hungryhog

                      Oh...apparently my sources are terrible then! I'll have a word with them!

                      1. re: bdachow

                        Of course not terrible! This is Bermuda. Much of what we know is gossip anyway!