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Sep 24, 2010 04:31 PM

Advice for some Vendy Awards Rookies!?

Hi All

We are insanely excited to be going to the Vendy Awards on Governor's Island tmrw. This will be our first time and are feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the choices.We would ideally love to get a taste of every truck (finalists, rookies and dessert!) but seeing that time and crowds may be against us that seems to be a bit ambitious. Has anybody been before and has a strategy as how to hit up as many trucks as possible. Are there certain trucks from this years pick of finalists that are a "definite must"? we would like to go to those first. Also, does every truck have their whole menu available or is it a limited choice of items due to the nature of the event. Shoul we strand in line together or do a divide and conquer approach!?
Any insight or advice on the different trucks and strategy for the day in general would be much appreciated!
-2 Chows from Jersey

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  1. Please post report. If I go, I will post.

    1. As re desserts, I would definitely check out the Dessert Truck; they make amazing desserts considering the price and venue! Their olive oil choc cake and goat cheese cheesecake are esp good. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was a fun idea, but I would be more excited if the ice cream was something other than the standard Mr Softee, so I would veer towards Guerilla ice cream if you're looking for a frozen dessert.
      Looking forward to reading reports!

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        i can not say enough good things about our truly unique and amazing experience at the Vendy's this past Saturday. WELL WORTH the $80!!! - the lines were very minimal ( 5 min at the most, sometimes none at all depending on the time you visited the truck) The quality and variety of food at the different food trucks was outstanding,all of the Vendors were incredibly friendly and beer and wine selections were impressive ( my DH especially enjoyed the selection from Brooklyn Brewery) ....Venue was a former fundraiser I found the entire event to be well organized and executed. We cant wait for next year!