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Sep 24, 2010 04:20 PM

HELP PLEASE - need suggestion re: no fish restaurants in Venice, Italy

We are going to Venice and need suggestions please - for places - preferably in or near Canneregio - but really ANYWHERE in Venice - where my wife can eat a meal that's good and not fish.

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  1. Fiascheterria Toscana; ask for the first floor.

    1. Many restaurants in Venice will have non seafood dishes on their menu.
      If money is no object: Da Ivo
      A little less expensive: the above mentioned Fiachetteria Toscano
      More moderate in Cannaregio: da Alberto, Anice Stellato, Vini Gigio
      There are places that serve no seafood: the expensive ai Gondolieri; the more moderate La Bitta, L'Incontro, La Zucca
      My suggestion is to search this board as there have been tons of post on dining in Venice. If you can be more specific as to your budget and ambience and you'll get some good recommendations. Venice proper is compact, therefore, don't resigned yourself dining only in Cannaregio. All the other sestieri are worth exploring.

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        In Canneregio, near the Madonna del Orto is Osteria Orto dei Mori. Not to be missed!
        good mix of meat and seafood on the menu. I had veal rolls stuffed with cheese there--truly a delicious dish.