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Saudi Cuisine in Vancouver?

Which downtown Vancouver cafe serves Saudi food?

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  1. I haven't heard of one. There is a hookah place on Georgia St near the park that I think are run by Saudis. I didn't come in to see if they serve food (too smoky for me).

    1. ok just to clarify here, are you saying that there is indeed a place that serves Saudi food but you forget etc... the name or are you asking if there even is a place that serves it?

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        OK I'm being somewhat disingenuous-I know where the place is and am testing other's knowledge.

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          so are you going to enlighten us or not??

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            Spill it! (Will we see camel stews?)

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              camel stew mmmm

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              ok Sam, i got the answer, i totally stumbled on it,and coincidentally work very close to it , its called al haldmain 1065 granville and its actually saudi and lebanese food, so what do i win??

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                You win an the opportunity to be the First Person Ever to chow down @ that place and tell us all about it!

                Your handle will be enshrined in google searches everywhere for all time!

                Note-all the searching I've done speaks of a standard Middle East cuisine with certain unique spices used to highlight dishes.

                That and the ubiquitous chicken and rice.

                May the fork guide you!

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                  I've added it to my list for possible VIFF chowing over the next couple of weeks. It appears to have been a goulash and a falafel place at some time...

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                  Great sleuthing vandan. I don't know a thing about Saudi cuisine other than what Google and Wikipedia tell me. May have to put this on the list.

            3. I can't claim to be a Vancouver food expert, although I've visited there and eaten well over the years. That said, I lived in Saudi Arabia for 3 years and have never encountered the local cuisine anywhere outside of the borders of the country.

              1. Well I have tried the place and it has the usual Felafels,Shawarmas etc But it has uniquely Saudi Dishes like a meat pastry and the spices are different from the Persian Places,I bumped into the owners during the Saudi national Day celebration on Sept 23rd at the Croatian Center,I wanted to add Saudi to my bucket list of cuisines tried.Here s my own trivia question Does anybody know where you can find Somalian food here in Vancouver,clue its on the east side on the corner of 2 major streets

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                  Red Sea?

                  Red Sea Restaurant
                  670 Broadway E, Vancouver, BC V5T1X6, CA

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                    Fmed Wow you are really good

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                      Not the Red Sea Cafe, RSC serves Ethiopian/some Eritrean food not Somali and is run by Eritreans who lived in Ethiopia for many years.

                      Click on Street Scene for details

                      There was a Somali place nearby but it's been too long for me to remember details.

                      Red Sea Restaurant
                      670 Broadway E, Vancouver, BC V5T1X6, CA

                2. The place is not bad,I tried Fatayer which is a lamb filled meat pie unique to Saudi Arabia Waraq Einab Grape leaves stuffed with beef and rice and Robyan Saudi Style Prawns in a sort of vegetable Biryani.The food is different from your typical persian Kebab place or Lebanese Pita joint.Certainly worth a visit

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                    Well I popped in tonight ( I was there around 10pm after a long day at work). Unfortunately, they were already all sold out of their Saudi specialties. I did order a Shawarma which is spiced differently from the typical Lebanese variety - more of the sweet spices eg cinammon...perhaps mace.) It was good. I'll have to come by earlier next time.