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Sep 24, 2010 03:20 PM

Rome, NY help

I have two friends from Rome who are getting married and I want to get them a gift certificate for a restaurant near home. I searched this board and really didn't find anything! Can you suggest a good restaurant in that area? It doesn't have to be white table cloth or fancy, just the resto that's getting good buzz. Rome and environs are okay. Many thanks!

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  1. That much of a gastronomic wasteland, huh?

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    1. re: ciclista

      In a surviving 1850s hotel, the atmosphere is crowded corner bar, but the food is very good. Lots to choose from: Heavy on the Italian, but not heavy Italian. Their greens Vescio are legendary.
      I haven't had a bad serving. They'll accomodate special requests and do it right.
      Remember not to fill up on the huge homemade bread basket, no matter how tempting. Save room for the food.
      Side salads are only so-so, but the antipasto is a meal in itself.
      Homemade pasta, homemade bread and pastries from the onsite bakery.
      Very reasonable pricing, too.

      Franklin Hotel
      301 S James St, Rome, NY 13440

      1. re: scooper1947

        I support the Franklin Hotel!!! Always good and so, well, from another world. Hotel looks beat, and probably is, James Street doesn't make you feel good, you will have a bit of trepidation as you park and walk across the street to enter. THEN, boom, it is so nice to smell, the staff and family are freindly, and the menu is great old school Italian. Pastries and desserts are fab. Bar is so cool. Great woodwork. Great for lunch!!! I hope my girl, "the green witch" is still there as bartender. She is a dream.

        Franklin Hotel
        301 S James St, Rome, NY 13440

      2. re: ciclista

        As with most locals, Teddy's at 851 Black River Boulevard is pretty unimposing from the road as you drive into the little strip mall, but the menu and preparation make up for the ambience.
        Award-winning chicken riggies - if you don't know, Google it. They've been retired from competition, they've won top riggie joint in the region so many times.
        It's family comfort food for the most part, but the daily specials can kick the cuisine up a notch.
        The owner chef is always around to make sure things flow smoothly.

        1. re: scooper1947

          Hi Ciclista- I'm a traveling salesman, who quite often finds himself in your neck of the woods. I have a expense account and I love to eat. In general, the food around Rome is bad. One bright spot exists - Ancora in Utica. It's the best restaurant in upstate NY bar none.

          261 Genesee St, Utica, NY 13501