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Sep 24, 2010 01:57 PM

Brooklyn Fare Restaurant

has anybody been? Worth the "trip" from Manhattan?

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  1. We went a couple of weeks ago. It's in a crummy location - sketchy buildings across the street, slightly sketchy crowd on the street - and totally worth it. Just a fabulous, delicious, interesting dinner. The table is kind of horseshoe-shaped and seats 18, I think. When you are seated you get a list of the main ingredient of each of maybe 10 courses. Then we got about 3 amuse bouche. Of the 13 or so dishes, the only one we weren't wowed by was dessert. We had a food writer next to us on one side, and an older couple from Queens on the other side and we all had a lovely time and agreed that it was a great meal.

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      the food is excellent. The courses extremely small, 2 additional courses to the menu I had there, lobster and foie gras courses would make things perfect. I left there hungry.

    2. There have been several threads on the kitchen table dinner at Brooklyn Fare, many with photos and in-depth descriptions of Chef Cesar Ramirez' 17-course experience. We've been a few times and count our dinners there among the most memorable dinners we've had. Go with friends.
      Believe they're still BYO, so spend some money on good wine to complement the meal.

      Link to one recent thread about Brooklyn Fare:

      In answer to your question: certainly worth trip from Manhattan.

      Brooklyn Fare
      200 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      1. Little did any of us realize that, a few days after this inquiry appeared, Brooklyn Fare would be given two stars by Guide Michelin, whose editor called his visit to Cesar Ramirez' kitchen one of the three best food experiences he had in the world this year and one of the world's 300 best restaurants.
        Should be nearly impossible to get a reservation now, but a search of Google News will reveal the viral nature of Brooklyn Fare's good news: eater.ny, grubstreet, nytimes, huffingtonpost, etc.

        Brooklyn Fare
        200 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

        1. Well, if anyone learns that they have been able to do vegetarian menus too, please report back! They were so nice when I called but just not equipped for that, at least at the time. Sounds like a fantastic experience.

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            I am not a meat eater, but eat seafood and shellfish. Cesar made substitutions for me.
            If you don't eat fish/shellfish, however, this is just not an appropriate place. Cesar buys some of the finest seafood products the market has to offer and fully three-quarters of the menu consists of seafood items.