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Sep 24, 2010 01:55 PM

Road Trip from Atlanta to Tuscaloosa along I-20: Looking for great BBQ

Hi everyone. I'll be driving from Atlanta, GA to Tuscaloosa, AL next weekend (Oct 1-3) and was hoping for some recommendations on great southern BBQ along I-20. Don't mind driving a few minutes off the highway, as long as it's worth the drive!

Also, any restaurants/bars worth checking out in Tuscaloosa? I'll be in town for the football game, so nothing fancy - looking for any memorable local spots.

Appreciate any input.

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  1. Golden Rule in Pell City is great. There's another GR in Irondale. Both are near I 20. M & M at Exit 126B is also good BBQ in Birmingham. Archibald's has great BBQ in Tuscaloosa. So does Cypress.

    Golden Rule BBQ @ 1700 Martin St., Pell City, AL. 205 - 338 - 1443.
    Golden Rule BBQ @ 2504 Crestwood Boulevard, Irondale, AL 205 - 956 - 2678.
    M & M BBQ @ 3921 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 205 - 592 - 9941.

    Archibald's BBQ @ 4300 Hwy. 43 N. Tuscaloosa, AL. 205 - 333 - 3622.
    Cypress Inn @ 501 Rice Mine Rd. N. Tuscaloosa, AL. 205 - 345 - 6963.

    Also Bob Syke's in Bessemer. Good luck. Roll Tide.

    Bob Sykes BBQ @ 1724 9th Ave. N., Bessemer, AL 205 - 426 - 1400.

    1. I'm going to second the vote for Bob Sykes in Bessemer. If you had the time to get down to Saw's on Oxmoor in Homewood, I'd recommend that, too, but it sounds like that'd be a little off your path.

      Good luck, and War Eagle

      1. I third the Bob Sykes recommendation! I always get a chopped mix (inside and the delicious, smokey crunchy outside). Their sauce is perfect, not too sweet and not too vinegary.

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          Thanks for the replies so far. Bob Sykes looks good.

        2. The Golden Rule in Irondale is the original, and a great place. Bbo Sykes is also very good. I would have a sandwich at both, but then that's me.

          You should know that Archibald's is truly great, but they only have 5 stools and there will be a long, long line for carry-out on game day. Call ahead and get there very early for carry-out. Actually, everything will be crowded on game day. A good bet for lunch is Maggie's, which is a great meat and three.

          Golden Rule
          50 Oxford Exchange Blvd, Oxford, AL 36203

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            I agree with all of the above. One addition I would like to make is Dreamland. They are FAMOUS for ribs. Now I will say that the ribs are large and the meat doesn't fall off the bone as I would like. But the sauce is the best ever! They have a very limited menu... just ribs, now chopped pork, potato salad and YUMMY banana pudding! The original location is in the Tuscaloosa area, I'm not sure where. But ask anyone in Tuscaloosa and they'll know. The location I'm most familiar with is in the southside of Birmingham near UAB. Enjoy your trip!

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              I just want to mention to Littleman that M&M really isn't so much a barbecue place (more meat & 3) and of the worlds of barbecue places here, they would be among the very last places I would have even thought of. Have you really had an earth-shattering bbq experience at M&M? It's okay if you have - and I'd be interested to hear more - but you'll be the first person I've ever 'known' to have. Just wondering.

              Dreamland in T-town = just off Jug Factory Road.

              RV, I'd love to hear what you enjoyed on your trip over.