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Sep 24, 2010 01:40 PM

Sick Food Movement

Caught this on Roger Ebert's Twitter feed. I saw the restaurant featured on one of the Food Network shows too. Pretty gross.

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  1. This is absolutely crazy. It's bad enough that one burger can equal 8,000 calories, but it's far beyond comprehension how someone can down two of those burgers. I feel faint with disbelief and disgust.

    Don't know how someone can eat that. Even a rugged athlete downing that would be weighed down and sickened physically.

    1. In case anyone is interested in seeing the place in action.

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      1. re: Withnail42

        The place looks like a "guys" place, where you would go for a bachelor party. I noticed only one little girl there. What is the place like on a Friday night--this story was obviously taped during the day. How often do the "patients" eat there? CBS didn't even touch on the fact the owner was a Jenny Craig franchisee--what happened that made him so disillusioned by the diet industry?

        I wonder how different a visit to the Heart Attack Grill is different from my bi-annual visit to Chip Shop where I share a deep fried Hostess Cherry Pie.

        1. re: Withnail42

          Sadly the video didn't work on my screen, but I agree that it seems mostly like a bachelor party experience with the mirrored bar to allow you to see up the "nurses'" skirts- yuck! There's nothing about this place that doesn't gross me out.

          I also want to know more about the owner. What makes you go from that to eating a 4-patty burger daily?

          1. re: queencru

            I just wonder how much repeat business this place will get. I can see some people doing it for the novelty, but they they do enough repeat business to sustain themselves?


          1. That burger looks sick!

            1. I did try a Burger King triple bacon cheeseburger only once, and it did literally make me sick. So much grease, but almost tasteless. Turned me off of burger king.