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Sep 24, 2010 12:17 PM

Sapphire - Burmese in Financial District?

Just was walking by earlier today, checked out the menu on the door, they have a variety of Burmese dishes. Tea leaf salad, samusa soup, mohinga, etc. Will try to go give it a taste soon, thought I'd see if anyone else has checked it out?

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  1. do you think those are new menu additions?

    seems pretty americanized-chinese from yelp:

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      Not sure, just saw that they had some signage out on the street corner, never caught my eye before. I see a couple passing mentions of "Burmese" on yelp, but nothing with any real detail.

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        Sapphire's been there for at least four years and has always had a few Burmese dishes.

        It's a good deal in the area for lunch, nothing fancy or exceptional if you work elsewhere.

        1. re: Windy

          I work in the building Sapphire's located in, and I would agree it's nothing exceptional, but decent enough. For my co-workers, it's a go-to place when you want to step out for lunch but need to get back quickly. And, as mentioned below, they're now staying open evenings for happy hour, featuring Burmese-style tapas (the prior restaurant in that space actually was a tapas bar).

      2. Just a quick follow up, we tried this out last week. Sapphire mostly has steam-tray Chinese food. The Burmese items are on a separate menu, and are made to order.

        Overall, things were pretty average. We split a number of the dishes - tea leaf salad, mohinga, rainbow salad, masala beef, beef curry, a fish/rice dish. Some of the items (tea leaf salad, for example) tasted off - kind of "old" tasting, perhaps they don't do much turnover. The mohinga and beef dishes were decent. A few of the items on the menu were unavailable. Portions were pretty small, but prices were low.

        I wouldn't rush back, but I'd return if in the mood for something different in the financial district.

        1845 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

        1. Adding the location.

          Sapphire Asian Cuisine
          475 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94111

          1. They also are starting up a new happy hour with "Burmese tapas" and tropical-leaning drinks. They convert the place by pulling a curtain across the steam tray section and focusing on the bar. (The decor already seems more bar-like than cafeteria-like) Seems like they are trying to make the most of the prime real estate by catching both the lunch and the HH crowd.

            I went a couple of weeks ago and had the tea leaf salad at HH -- not the freshest I've tasted, and on the gamey side, but they said they are still training up the cooks. The drinks are super cheap, esp by Fidi standards ($5 for a decent lychee martini), and for now it is not packed. I'd go again for the drink deals, the small outdoor seating area (pretty rare in the neighborhood and so nice while the weather is warm), and to see if the food improves.