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Sep 24, 2010 12:12 PM

Suggestions needed: Provisions in Canmore

I'm driving from Edmonton to Golden where we have a cabin rented for a week. I was thinking of stopping in Canmore specifically to go to Valbella - any suggestions on specific items to pick up there? I would also be interested in any other suggestions, ideally an exceptional bakery - pastries or bread. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. You have to get to the Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. It's right on the main drag, and their bagel sandwiches are awesome. They have the "day old dozens" for cheap too, and they're only from the previous night so they're more like 12 hours old, can't even tell the difference.

    1. Mountain Mercato on Main Street is a total must for lotsof eclectic grocery items & a great deli. The best foodie store in town.

      Canmore Wine Merchants at the bottom end of Main Street is a veritable treasure trove of wines, spirits & beers. Highly recomended for all your booze needs.

      JK Bakery, in the little shopping mall to the west of Safeway has some good bread, particularly their beautiful ciabatta buns which are great for sandwiches & burgers.

      Le Chocolatier, up the hill next to the Iron Goat pub will fulfill all your sweet tooth needs & then some.

      Railway Deli is an absolutely fantastic source of Germanic deli treats & ready-to-cook meals - kind of a more expanded version of the Valbella retail operation.

      Nutter's is way overpriced, health food guff unfortunately.

      Sobeys & Safeway will cover all your mainstream grocery requirements quite comfortably & there are some gems to be had in each store.

      Mountain Mercato
      817 8 St, Canmore, AB T1W 2B3, CA